Mr Nice Guy . . .  

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8/25/2005 1:51 pm

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Mr Nice Guy . . .

Another day, another blog. So I ranted and raved through two entire blogs about the miseries and misfortunes of the online dating services. But I must come clean about a few things here. First, my irritation seemingly stems from endless bouts of online dating services that have "done me wrong" in the past. This is not the case. I have been involved with this site for a very short time and it is one of only three sites that I am registered with. Second, that I am a person who is normally of an upbeat and optomistic viewpoint. I realize that my meanderings have portrayed a negative and cynical side of me, but please realize that I might actually be more than just the words that I write. And finally, to clarify that I am not here to search for a soul mate or a true love or someone to spend the rest of my life with.

With all of that said, I want to tell you about someone that I have yet to meet through this site but am already very intrigued by. . .

I had already posted my original two blogs of utter frustration, my profile was under review for what seemed like the 8th time in a row for some new violation I had no idea I had made, and every email in my inbox was a booty call with a crotch shot and a phone number or email address for the hook-up. I thought that I should just pack it all in and give up. Then I get a reponse to one of my blogs telling me to basically keep my head up, not all the guys out there are as horrible as it may seem. So, I begin to email with this gentleman back and forth. We never catch one another live so all we ever do is exchange one liner's back and forth. Until this morning, I log on to the computer and there is this heart felt email from Mr Nice Guy, sent to me at some obscene hour of the morning, that says I am a good person. I sound stunning, he respects me and my graceful way of handling a specific issue, and then says that he hopes to chat with me just to hear about my outlook on life and share some fantasies.

Add that to the initial email of desire and promise and lustful prose that kept me thinking for hours of what kind of things this man could do to me. . . The fantasies I could share with him are endless. Okay Mr Nice Guy, you know who you are, how are other men supposed to compete with that?


bedroomice2003 44M

8/26/2005 3:21 am

They don't.

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