Meeting face to face . . .  

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8/29/2005 12:51 pm

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Meeting face to face . . .

So I have done it. Actually reached into my hodge podge inbox of the frightening, promising and not-so-scary and took the chance at meeting with a couple of people off of the site. So I thought that I would share the experiences . . .

First, there was Guy A who will be referred to as "John Doe". "John" was very nice. He was also married and deeply concerned about both of us being discreet, and clean and honest. Things I can understand completely and appreciate. When we finally met up, he was attractive and polite. But when we kissed, he acted like someone who was going to rip my head off. He almost tore my earings out of my ears. He left me with a bruised lip. My body felt like it had been mauled by angry protesters trying to rip controversial fashion no-no's right off my back. He scratched at my back like he was trying to literally take the skin off. It was not the type of encounter I had expected for a first time meeting. Thank God, there is time to cure that hungry beast . . .

Next, I met with Guy B who will be referred to as "Joe Schmoe". "Joe" was also nice. He came over and I danced for him. He seemd to enjoy that. I let him take pictures of me. I love attention. So of course, I enjoyed that. We kissed, which was good. But it seemed like there was always something else on his mind. Like there was some sort of an agenda. Almost like he had a plan of action. I wasn't sure if what I did or didn't do fit into his plan of action or not. I wasn't sure if I was what his plan of action expected. This was one was different. This one left me off balance a little.

Finally, my most recent encounter was with Guy C who will be referred to as "Jim Jones". "Jim" was very gentlemanly, he actually took me out on a date. Which was very nice, he didn't have to do that. He was very sweet, opened doors for me, said all the nice things a boy should say to a girl. Even put his arm around me at the movies. Ahhh, how sweet. I told you, total gentleman. We kissed, he even held my hand.

Where does that leave me in the grand scheme of things? Well, I guess I am still curious. Still here, and still sifting through the inbox, looking for an email that isn't toally creepy in the midst of all the ones that scare the hell out of me!


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