A glimpse of my reality . . .  

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9/8/2005 9:00 pm

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A glimpse of my reality . . .

I have shared with you my "online dating" world, my sex life, my fantasies, even some of my frustrations when it comes to my own sexuality. So I thought for a change of pace, I would share a more personal side of me, a glimpse into the day to day side of me when the sun is shining and my eyes are open and life just is whatever it is. . .

I am in my SUV driving my step daughter home to her mother's house, the back seat is filled with 3 car seats. In them are "The Baby (2 years old), "The Girl (almost 3 years old), the not so bright one we call call "Forest" (3 years old), and alone in the very back trying to find peace is "The Boy" (8 years old). The Baby is tormenting The Girl by trying to take away her dinosaur and threatening to throw it out the window. She of course would find this a tragic loss so is wailing at the top of her lungs. My fiance and I are in the front seat (the fiance is ill with strep throat and some unnamed virus that has her whinning like an infant and completely irritating me and all of the children) discussing what would be the best way to manage the exchange of The Girl so as not to cause distress amongst all of the little people in the vehicle. Suddenly Forest breaks out into song . . .

R-E-D, red, R-E-D, red I can smell red, I can smell red. Silence fills the cabin of the Rodeo. I turn to my "not so bright" son and say, "No, honey. It's I can SPELL red, not I can SMELL red. You can't smell a color." He proceeds to argue with me. This of course elicits laughter from every member of the family. They all tell him that mommy is right, it is supposed to be SPELL not SMELL. So all of us proceed to sing the song with him correctly. Forest then tells us he can sing it by his "own self" now.

R-E-D, red, R-E-D, red I can smell red. I can smell red. The Girl turns to him and says "Not MELL, PELL. PELL red, PELL red okay! Just PELL it. So he tries again. R-E-D, red, R-E-D, red, I can smell red. I can smell red. Groans are heard all the way around the truck. The Baby smacks himself in the forehead and says "Not that way!" My fiance leans over her shoulder, and tries to calmly explain to my son the difference between SMELL and SPELL. Finally my son says he understands and is ready to sing the song again.

R-E-D, red, R-E-D, red, I can smell red, I can smell red. My 8 year old pipes up from the back seat and yells at my 3 year old. "Listen little retarded boy! It's SPELL, not SMELL. You can smell your stinky feet, or your stupid poop, but you can't smell red or blue or even yellow! You can SPELL red, you can SPELL blue and you can SPELL yellow, now why don't you just give it a try!" Again, silence fills my vehicle. And I sit there and wonder, should I chastise my 8 year old for calling my 3 year old such a harsh name? Or should I keep my mouth shut and see if sibling torture pays off?

So I wait it out for a moment . . . Then the singing commences again. R-E-D, red, R-E-D, red, I can smell yellow. I can smell yellow. I laughed so hard I had to pull off of the road. I had tears pouring down my face. The other kids were dumb founded. They just stared at Forest with awe-struck amazement. How could he still not get it? I almost died laughing. My fiance found no humor in it at all, she thought I was just feeding into his problems. By the time I pulled back onto the road, my belly was sore from laughter, my sides ached, my face was streaked with tears, the smile was plastered to my face from ear to ear and I still could not suppress my giggles.

He may be my "not so bright" son, but he is most certainly the one that can stand up to anyone's challenge! It never fazed him that the entire family was staring at him in disbelief, he never cared that each one of us found him ignorant, and he didn't give a rat's ass if we liked his song or not. He was determined to continue to sing it his way, and his way alone. This was just a 15 minute glimpse into the "mommy" side of my reality. Could you imagine???


bedroomice2003 44M

9/9/2005 2:20 pm

He's a boy, and boys tend to need to discover their own path. You have to admire his spirit, though. I suspect he's a lot brighter than any of us realize, since it's far easier to ape what others are telling you than to stick to your guns and do things your way. As a mommy, sometimes you just have to sit back and let them have their day.

greatdate73 43M

9/9/2005 3:31 pm

He's a Smartass... I like him already...

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