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7/20/2005 4:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Someone said something on my blog!

I have four online journals.. one for each of us... *grin* but I didnt think anyone would really comment!

I guess I could talk about myself a little bit.. being that obviously I am very egocentric if I like chatting about myself on four different blogs.. no, actually its gotten better.. I post sporatically now.. not as much *I* as I used to. But I do have rants and such. I am a woman.

I am into astrology. If you ever get a chance read some sexual astrology.. very interesting.. on another note, I am reading The Book of Secrets (Tantra) and thus far the point of tantra isn't to go out having sex. Its about the sexual energy being used for enlightenment. I am very much into spirituality.. I am a Scorpio(governs sex, regeneration and death).

Rising Sign is in 28 Degrees Taurus
Sun is in 20 Degrees Scorpio
Moon is in 06 Degrees Scorpio
Mercury is in 01 Degrees Scorpio
Venus is in 21 Degrees Scorpio
Mars is in 10 Degrees Scorpio
Jupiter is in 08 Degrees Pisces
Saturn is in 18 Degrees Cancer
Uranus is in 29 Degrees Libra
Neptune is in 08 Degrees Sagittarius
Pluto is in 08 Degrees Libra

I have Scorpio in five of my planets. That means.. I am a bitch who can be the sweetest person in the world. I will take care of those I care about and I will bitch slap them(not really) at the same time without batting an eye. like that? good. I am a Tauras when you meet me.. I am outgoing, compassionate, and funny. I like being center of attention and I like to make people laugh. I always go for the underdog and I take up for the weak.

I am soul searching right now and this is a phase of my life. I look around here at all this muff and stuff and wonder what I was thinking by doing this. doing what? creating an account on an adult website for the pure intent of finding some woman who you can sleep with on a regular basis. That is all. I am not here to see how many I can get.. I am here to find one that is going to be my friend as well. I might sound mushy.. but I am not a kid anymore.. things change and my ho days are long gone.. been there done that.. NEXT! wait, that is what I would say if I was using my ho ways.. *giggle* you know what I mean..

And you never know.. I might find a few friends here and continue being their friend long after this name Sweeetart becomes someone elses.

this friendship I am looking for isn't the boiling the bunny's on the stove kinda friendship.. I just want someone cool, clean, and has good healthy self-esteem to play around with on occasion.. I want it light.. I am not a phone person and there are times I fall off the face of the earth it seems like.. that is who I am... that is how I live my life..

but, I will admit.. there might be a few that are testers during this search for the perfect 'friend with benefits'. So I am sure I will have a good time..

and I love to write.. erotica to come!

rm_anacortes 74M
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7/21/2005 11:41 am

I cant wait for the "erotica"...


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