The noises that we make...  

SuzieQ4U60 61F
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8/15/2006 10:25 am

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8/17/2006 4:20 am

The noises that we make...

Then the rainstorm came
over me
and I felt my spirit
I had lost
all of my
you see
realized my mistake.
but time
threw a prayer to me
and all around me

When one has received a talent or gift, it needs to be used. I imagine when God gives us a gift and we don't use it, or refuse to, it very well may be taken away.

I sing. I have since I can remember. And I love to sing. When I was 9 or so, the Sunday School teacher used to try to get me to sing in class, and I was too shy. My mom could sing, and I guess I inherited it from her. I joined the youth choir at church, I sang alto. It was what my mom sang, and I liked her voice... so I decided early on I would also be an alto.

In my adult life, I have sung many times.... in the shower, in the car, at 1 wedding, 1 funeral and many times in church. Solos, duets.... in a get the picture. When I sing, I have to feel the song, or I just can't sing it, not well anyway. What comes from my voice begins in my heart.

For a long while now, I have not sung. I haven't felt moved to do so. I can't just sing when someone says "sing". I have to feel it, if that makes sense.

I have a friend in Indiana... we have been very close friends for over 10 years now. He calls me his singing birdy. Its a silly name maybe, but this man, knows my heart. He knows the pain it has felt and still feels. We have shared and been there for each other, thru alot of pain. And I love him. He has seen inside my heart, because I have let him in. I don't let many people in. He is one of very few. I can probably count on 1 hand how many I have truly let into my heart. I have even had family members that used to see my heart that I have closed off to them now because they have hurt me so many times, well, they don't deserve to see anymore. It is a special place that isn't exposed often.

Oh to sing again... to feel the joy that moves me to sing. When I am singing, my heart feels light and I can close my eyes and I am flying. There is a lightness there, a freedom. I also do not share my voice with many. Not that I am ashamed of it, but because its a private thing. Its a part of me not revealed to many, unless of course you were in church and heard me. I guess I mean now, in my life. I have stopped going to church for several reasons. I don't sing there anymore. I lost faith in the people of the church, but then, thats another story entirely and maybe AdultFriendFinder isn't even the place to share that.

Oh to be free, and feel such joy and happiness and contentment in my heart, to be able to sing freely....

once more.


SuzieQ4U60 61F

8/15/2006 10:26 am

By the way..... this is my 50th blog.

Celebrate good times...COME ON !!!

TheBigUnit54 64M

8/15/2006 9:40 pm

You have a great talent for writing and self-expression. You are still singing... through the words and thoughts so freely shared with the rest of us. Thank you.

amoldenough 69F
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8/16/2006 10:28 am

Congrats on your 50th blog!!! Your singing "career" is almost the exact same as mine. I sang in choirs, quartets, trios, duets, But I would never sing alone. I have sung at a funeral. Hard to do that.
I also sang Alto, or 2nd soprano. I quit singing about 10 or so years ago, when I was diagnosed with several illnesses at once. I drove to Ohio in June to vist friends, and that was one of the first times I have sung. I sang along to some tapes. I did sing before, when Chicago came out. It's hard not to sing along with that. You will get your song back one of these days.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

rm_dinngo1 46M
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8/16/2006 5:51 pm

owww yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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