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7/28/2006 8:22 am

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Exit row seats

Ok, so I'm checking at the Korean Airlines ticket counter, and they offer me a exit row seat. Of course I accept. I'm over six feet tall, and all the leg room I can get will help. Plus, if the plane goes down, I'm right there at the exit, just in case the huge gaping hole in the side of the airplane after th crash is not convenient enough.
Another plus of sitting here is that I can watch all the people that come to use the toilet. I see folks go in, and latch the door. Then someone else (usually an older lady, no offense) comes and tries to open the door. When I say tries to open the door, I mean they are really pulling and pushing really hard like they are trying to break the door down, wondering to themselves why is this door stuck. There is the red lettering on the door sign that says occupied, but still they try to get in. Then sometimes they take a few steps away, and then hurry back and wrestle with it again. Looks like they are trying to catch the door slacking off, and at a vulnerable moment. One women in particular went back to the same door at least 5 times, pushing and pulling. No one came out, what was she thinking?
I know what I would be thinking. If I was in there taking a crap, I would be hard pressed to get it out. Each time I would relax, someone would start trying to force the door open, and I would tense up. Everyone has a fear of being caught sitting on the crapper by a total stranger.
"Oh, sorry, I didn't know you where in here."
"Ya, I know, it's my fault. I should have posted a guard at the door, just in case the locked door was not a good enough hint that I was in here."

Sitting next to me was a young mother with a small daughter. Maybe 2 years old. I guess, I'm not good at guessing ages of little toddlers. Anyway, the little girl is running around the isles with just a T-shit and no pants, no diaper, no nothing. Just bare as the day she was born. Now I concerned. What if this little girl decides she needs to go? I'd like to think that mom there has taught her how to use the toilet, but I don't think so. At about halfway through the flight, mom has a 5 gallon trash back full of dirty diapers. Did she run out? What's going on? If this little girl continues on her current output, where is that all going to go? In the isle.
So as this little bare girl runs around the exit row area, I keep an eye on her. I'm in this seat because it's closes to the exit. I don't want this little girl causing any accidents. Little bit of pee here, alittle bit of poo there. Flight attendant slips, food buggy flies down the isle, smashing into the pilot, who came out for a break, now actually really got one. See my concern here. Pilot is in pain from a compound fracture, blood everywhere, people screaming, co-pilot is in training, and only landed a plane once, in a simulator, and that was upside down. This little girl was getting me worried.
"Ma'am, Do you think this is a good place for your daughter to be running around with no pants on?"
"I'm trying to teach her to hold it."
Hold it? And what happens when she doesn't hold it, and we land upside down?

People tell me I worry too much when I fly. I don't think so. I'm just trying to get myself mentally prepaired for the landing, and just hope it's on a run way.

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