Another night of alcohol  

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9/1/2006 8:06 am

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Another night of alcohol

Ok, tonight is another night of blogging trashed. I decided before I when out to blog on what happened tonight. Well, I got trashed, and am trying to blog with out maiking any mistakes. But I see that I already made alt lest three, but an too lasy to got back and finx then. Fuck, it is getting worse.

Anyway, I promist that this time I will not start blogging about relly depressing shit tomorrow.

I met up with one mof my old friends, a beautifyul filipino girl. Her name is Merlisa. And she is the best thing since slicded bread. At least right now, that I am drunk. Anyway, whe talked and laughed alot, like usual, when we used to get together. BUT, she is only 22, and too young for me, even though she drops so many hints and is so "friendly" (touchy feely).

I told her I would stay up and chat with her, buit I think I got home before she did, and now I am fighting to stay awake. I think the bartender was hell bent on getting me too drunk to walk, but I was able to get to the cab then my computer here at home to blog about absalutly nothing.

Good night folks!

The Super Pervy Sage

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