Test subjects needed  

SuperAdventurous 37M
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8/20/2006 12:17 pm

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8/21/2006 9:16 pm

Test subjects needed

If you want, skip to the part written in red.

Its been a week or so since I last shaved. Think its time to take the razor to my face or do I let it grow and see how it ends up?

What do u think?

Shit I hate these uneventful weekends and esp Sundays... they are so so boring. I cant wait for work on Mondays.

I only have like 8mbs left on my data card for the month. So forgive me if I am a little scarse for the next week and half. Come on September... 1st September is Spring day down here if I am not mistaken.


What do u do when u see someone extremely sexy?


You stare, you smile, you wink, you blow a kiss and when you get tired... you just put down the mirror.

I am going on being single for... Think Teusday will be 3 weeks. I been down this road before, I know it doesn't help to focus on it and its all a state of mind and the right one is out there etc etc (fill in your cliche of choice in here) But it still tends to get a person down. Not depressed (I dont do depression) Just alittle down. Tommorrow is work and gym, so it will all be good again.

Look forward to my Nescafe Cappucino from the Total service station on my way to work. Talk bout getting the day at 5am off to a good start... Yummy

Found a file on my pc that I didnt even know I had... with some lovemaking techniques.

There is a warning page... Does lovemaking come with warnings now a days?

O... Its says some of these tips use props that you could choke on etc etc. Just be careful was the point that was made.

Lets start and see whats on offer.

Techniques for her pleasure...

#1 The Menthol Marinade:

This technique really packs a huge payoff for very little prep work. Some women claim that different cough drops provide varying degrees of
stimulation. It seems to be purely a matter of personal preference, so don't be afraid to experiment with a variety of brands and flavors.

Here's What You Need:

One mentholated cough drop, any flavor.

Here's How You Do It:

Get your woman naked.
Unwrap the cough drop and put it in your mouth. You need to give it a couple of minutes to partially dissolve; so use this time to pepper her belly, bikini line and inner thighs with little kisses. Swirl the cough drop around in your mouth, making sure to rub the tip of your tongue against it. Now, keeping the cough drop in your mouth, gently begin to lick around the vagina, paying special attention to the clitoris. In a few moments your woman will begin to feel both the hot and cool sensation of the menthol penetrating her body. For added stimulation, pause every minute or so and gently blow on the clitoris (the air reactivates the cooling properties of the menthol and provides a sensation most women find immensely pleasurable).
Women all over the world have gone absolutely crazy for this little ditty.

Hmmm... sounds interesting:


Ok, thats enough bloggin for the evening. Up early tomorrow, so let me be off...

PS: If you the girl of my dreams, hurry up and let me find you or come seraching for me soon.

SxyCrazyCool 38F

8/20/2006 3:40 pm

Hahaha you're so cute! Do you know life can actually be pretty amazingly cool when ur single as well?!

Of course it's nice to have someone to cuddle with 'n stuffz.. but hey.. there's plenty different ways to get that cuddle ya know..

And that One girl.. she'll come along when you're ready for her, trust on that


ps.. I think u should go find ur razor

SuperAdventurous replies on 8/21/2006 9:11 pm:
Hey SCC... Thanks for the comment babe.

Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy the single life, esp the freedom to what what I want when I want and however I want to do it.

But, its just that Im 27 and at that stage in my life where I would prefer to be settling down and be having some rawcuss fun with someone special. (PurryKitty is a perfect example)

O... Yeah, I did find the razor last night by the way. Hehe...

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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8/20/2006 5:48 pm

I dont like the unshaven look. I like the baby face in your profile pic.

I danced with a guy that looked like you the other night

Purry {=}


SuperAdventurous replies on 8/21/2006 9:13 pm:
Hey my favourite Kitty...

I agree... The unshaven look looks a bit on the scruffy side and it was itchy as hell. So got hold of my headge clippers and took it all off...

U danced with a guy who like me the other night... Im so jealous.

Thanks again for you comments babe...

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