Brain dead...  

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8/17/2006 12:07 pm

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Brain dead...

Good evening folks... I think the term doesn't even begin to describe my current state.

Sheesh... What a complete and utter horendous few days. Not bad or depressing or nothing like that, just super duper f$%king busy and stressed.

Not that stress is a bad thing in my world... At work its my feul, its my fire, its my driving force.

Im up at 4:30am every morning for work. Work 12 - 13 hours, rush to the gym and then, maybe, I get to go home, if there isn't supper with the parents planned or some other activity

Ok.. ok.. Work and shit aside. Let me tell you about my Teusday and the ex. I sms the woman to please let me know when she is going to be picking up her chairs and bar stools etc as I have something planned for the following evening. (my poker night)

I dont get a reply all day. Instead, when I get home, I find some of her items are missing. So... With out asking or consulting me, she came over to my place (yes, she still had the keys and remote) and just helped herself to my house. To piss me off even more, she didnt take the big stuff only a few small items. So I had to rearrange my whole lounge to accomodate the poker table.

Now Im fuming, Im seeing red, I think I might have actually busted a hole in the wall...

Off I go to gym, still upset about the nerve of this woman. On my way to supper with my folks, after gym, I think to myself... F#$K this. So I make a little detour to her parents house and rock up their unexpectedly.

Long story short, there were a few awkward pleasantries with her and her family but I got my keys and remote back.

But I'll tell you, I hate dealing with this kind of crap.

Anyways... Enough venting. GGGgrrrrrrr....

Yesterdays poeker evening was awesome. Had 4 of my closest friends over. We drank bottles of red wine, smoked some stoggies, played Poker, Texas Holden style and gambled the night away.

Needless to say I was burning the candle from both ends again. Only got to bed after 1am and up before 5am.

Im going to do my blogging, shower, drop a herbal sleeping pill and get the rest I need. Tomorrows Friday - PURRYKITTY YAY and along with Fridays comes the weekend and the chance to do some nawty things. Or in my case... Hope for Nawty things. Hehe. Got a birthday party on Saturday night so think I might just get a dvd for tomorrow night and take my new dvd player for a test drive.

Whatever happens, you folks will be the first to know.

Have you ever watched that movie Pay It Forward? Pretty good. Seen it before but its on tv now.

But Im not going to watch it... Off to shower and lala land I go.

Shit I feel like a zombie... Got so much I want to blog about but seriously. My brain is fried... Cant think of anything right now.

Im really going to go now...

Some people find problems with challenges. Others find challenges with problems...

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8/17/2006 6:46 pm

I only have adventures

Purry {=}


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