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2/25/2006 7:46 pm

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You think you know...

... but you have no idea!

I am brand new to this... still learning my way around the site. My husband recommended AdultFriendFinder to me when we decided that I should explore my curiousity about being with another woman (specifically going down on her).

For several months now I have thought about writing all of my sexual fantasies in blog format for all to see... but that was the problem. Any of the blogging formats that I was familiar with were all mainstream, and if I left my blog public (which my inner exhibitionist demands) then minors could potentially read them and I am NOT comfortable with that. So I am really excited that AdultFriendFinder has a blogging section.

This blog is dedicated strictly to my sexual fantasies and real life exploits. No politics, day-to-day rambling, ranting, or posturing here. Every post is going to be straightforward, explicit sex. I hope you get off on reading it as much as I will by writing it.

To start you off, I will share with you my sexual history. I lost my virginity a couple of weeks before I turned 13. He wasn't my boyfriend. I didn't care. He was the most popular boy in my grade and I wanted him. I gave it up in the room he shared with his brother and half a dozen other guys were in the room during the entire thing. It wasn't but a few short weeks after that when I went back and did him again - this time alone in the room. Then he rubbed my shoulders and told me how cool it would be if I fucked one of his friends too. I ended up doing every guy there... one at a time. When one finished, he would get up, pull up his pants, leave and a different guy came in. I actually can't tell you how many guys I did that day, or that summer, and damned if I remember most of their names. All I can say is that I loved sex and the guys always seemed to want to stop before I did, so it made perfect sense to me to keep fucking other guys until I was satisfied.

After that summer I calmed down quite a bit and ended up getting seriously involved with my first boyfriend. We had amazing sex. He was the second-best partner I have ever had. He loved to go down on me. We were together for several years and we had our sex life down pat. Almost invariably, he would eat me out, fuck me missionary style and then pull out of me right as he came, then I would suck him off till we were sure he wouldn't loose his hard on, then he would start out fucking me missionary again and once he was in he would roll over so that I was on top. I have a very narrow pussy- especially in my teens it was an extremely tight fit for all but the smallest of dicks and I couldn't take his dick in unless we started with him on top. Sometimes he would fuck me a third time, but most often we did it twice in a row. I haven't been with a guy since then that honestly loved to eat pussy and I do miss that about fucking him. It was with this guy that I first realized how much I loved to look at women in porn. It made him uncomfortable that I liked his porno mags as much (or maybe even more!) than he did. I tried to stifle my desires to look at porn with him, because I honestly felt it embarrassed him.
My next boyfriend came along right on the heels of #1. We were an interracial couple and honestly, it was thrilling to be with a black man. The idea of it. He was as kinky as I was, and we fed off of eachother. I did some pretty wild stuff with him. We often fucked outside. His favorite position was doggie style,and I love being taken from behind. He could pound me and keep control long enough for me to be satisfied before he came. Whereas #1 never came inside me, #2 never came outside of me, unless I was jerking him off (which I did whenever I was on my period). Most often he came in my pussy, but I sucked him off fairly regularly too. He and I had lots of phone sex, used lotions and toys, watched hours and hours of porn, and even attempted a 3-way with one of my girlfriends. He couldn't follow through with her, which was frustrating, but what can you do? Tape a popcicle stick to his cock?

Ok I am going to have to stop there for the night. I am horny as hell and I am off to fuck my husband senseless for the third time today. I'll tell you all about how well he fucks me soon - his sexual prowess is the best of any man I have ever been with. I'm all wet just thinking about it...

elysianpleasure 47M

2/25/2006 11:16 pm

Welcome to the blog... thanks for sharing you experiences. Drop by and say hi some time at my place... Elysian

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