On the Beach - Part 2  

SunneyOne 43F
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9/24/2005 6:33 am

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On the Beach - Part 2

He moaned a little at her bite, and just the noise was enough to call her hips forward to press his. His hand on her ass gripped, fingers digging into the flesh of her ass. The kiss couldn’t be deep enough, hard enough, and she leaned up on her elbows to offer her mouth fully. When she did, it was easy for him to slide his hand up her spine, unhook her bra, and they did the awkward wiggle shift to get her out of it.

A sigh of relief, of wanting, as her hardened nipples grazed his chest. His hand on her shoulder pushed her back down on the blanket as his mouth moved to capture one nipple. His tongue lapped, tickling it hard, circled, a slow suck, and pulling with his teeth. Her back arched as if a string went through her, and her nails dug into his shoulders. When she could open her eyes, she watched the stars, while he lavished attention on her nipples. She was overcome by the physical sensation as much as the beauty of the evening, and the combination of the two left her light-headed.

His thigh settled between hers and she became aware of the fact that she was grinding against it, the lace of her panties scratching at her slit. Well, that was only for a minute, until she was wet enough that she could barely feel them. He felt it too, and rolled to her side to give himself room. His hand slid down her stomach, under her skirt to cup her mound. She purred, and pressed up to him. “Is this what you want?” he whispered. She nodded, whimpered, and mouthed “yes” to him. His fingers traced the outline of her slit, of her labia, he felt every fold, crease and secret place through some soaked lace. His manipulations worked her panties into her slit, so that his finger slid in and out of the protective embrace of her lips to her clit, teasingly near her hole.

Her legs had intertwined with his. Her skirt hiked up to her hips, and she was exposed to the view of the ocean. The reality of this turned him on, the way she gave herself over to his hands, not trying to fight the pleasure he brought. So he ground his hardening cock against her hip. When his finger slid beneath the leg of her panties and into her pussy, she moaned aloud, dug her hand into the sand beside the blanket. He watched her face, learning her reactions, what she liked by how she responded. He would pause now and then to drop kisses on the top of her breast or her shoulder, making her hips rise to him.

When he opened his hand, the tip of one finger sliding just barely inside her, and put his thumb on her clit, she knew that was it. Her eyes flew open and met his. He was smiling. “That’s how you like it, isn’t it? Show me… cum for me.” She didn’t need the encouragement, but the soft rumble of his voice in her ear was just enough. She gripped his arm, holding his hand to her pussy and began to shudder. Her pussy spasmed, clit throbbed, and she squirted just a little on his finger. He grinned, a little surprised, and kept on. She rode the waves until she couldn’t take it any longer. Too sensitive, she whimpered and tried to push his hand away.

He took his thumb off her clit, but just squeezed her pussy. Soft wet noises. She moaned; he smiled. Then, he brought his hand up to his mouth, and while looking in her eyes, began to slowly lick and suck every finger. She watched for a minute before leaning forward to lick the backs of his fingers, sucking her juices from his hand.

(Juan S)
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9/24/2005 8:02 am

Oh Great...This is the dangers of blogville...I pop onto your blog, just to check in and see how you're doing and I get dragged into this Hot, horny story... I'm supposed to be working...Now I have to stop and uh...handle a newly arisen problem... Thanks Sunny!
Thanks a LOT!!! Geez!!!! This is almost exactly like the dream I had of You and I

(Juan S)
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9/24/2005 8:03 am

Oh Great...This is the dangers of blogville...I pop onto your blog, just to check in and see how you're doing and I get dragged into this Hot, horny story... I'm supposed to be working...Now I have to stop and uh...handle a newly arisen problem... Thanks Sunny!
Thanks a LOT!!! Geez!!!!

justforfun13134 46M

9/24/2005 8:46 am

oh shit, much better then my ending. I think you needed that more then any of us did but thank you for share your secret pleasures.LOL.

rm_ParadoxHawk 45M
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9/24/2005 9:19 am

Excellent imagery and imagination. Well thought out. I enjoyed it.

a_poetman 45M

9/25/2005 12:14 pm

Sunney.....that was great. keep going girl! i want more!

a_poetman 45M

9/25/2005 3:23 pm

BTW...got your email...ive hit my limit! will figure something out!

SunneyOne 43F

9/25/2005 4:09 pm

Poet... say please.

hereforyou6217 43M
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9/25/2005 7:51 pm


hereforyou6217 43M
912 posts
9/25/2005 7:51 pm

Pretty please?

hereforyou6217 43M
912 posts
9/25/2005 7:51 pm

Pretty please with sushi on top?

a_poetman 45M

9/25/2005 9:08 pm

damn....what happened to my face...I look different!

Please Sunney, for me I do ask
That you continue on and accomplish this task.
A journey we take blogging along the way
I love to hear your words, your thoughts, what you have to say
So again, Please Sunney I do ask....
Write some more don't make this your last!


*wink* you always know how to push my buttons....Thanx!

hereforyou6217 43M
912 posts
9/26/2005 4:14 am


Sorry, bud-- patience has never been my strong suit.

But I like the way you ask, too. Heh.

(Dude-- what happened to MY face!? AAAAAUUUUGGGHH!)

SunneyOne 43F

9/26/2005 4:14 am

Hereforyou - Good Christ, man, all these men asking please... I had to have a moment to myself to .. erm... calm down. And then you put sushi on top?? My, a man who pays attention. Sushi on top = me on top, eventually.

Poet - And my very own poem? That tickled me down to my wee pedicured toes. Alright, later this morning I will finish it up.

AltumHunksUnite 53M

9/26/2005 5:53 am

Sunney... kudos, for always having them beg for more.

Let me drive. I like the view

SunneyOne 43F

9/26/2005 8:08 am

Oooh I do love it when men beg. *giggle*

a_poetman 45M

9/26/2005 9:12 am

Hey...I wasn't begging...I was simply asking her please...LOL!

SunneyOne 43F

9/26/2005 10:45 am

Poet, are you arguing with me? Bad bad boy... punishment will be forthcoming.

hereforyou6217 43M
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9/26/2005 11:34 am

Beg? I don't beg. I simply ask politely.

Several times.

With kind of a... tone.

Ok, maybe I begged. Just a little. Don't tell anyone, OK?

a_poetman 45M

9/26/2005 4:27 pm

spank me, hurt, me, kiss me, please me!
I'll ask, I'll beg, I'll sing with glee!
Sunney, dear Sunney, why can't you see!
All you have to do is come on to me!

Oops, this one just slipped out!

SunneyOne 43F

9/27/2005 1:09 am

hereforyou - It's our secret. No one knows.

SunneyOne 43F

9/27/2005 12:28 pm

Geez, poet... I thought my clamps counted. Not enough? *giggle* Besides, you are a tease. I'm not the one you want. Not that I wouldn't watch you with her... hmm....

theryanthenorm 30M
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9/27/2005 4:58 pm

I snuck into my wifes office, and under her desk infront of her, i begin to lean forward and reach toward her
thighs as she deligegently tries to finish her work, she giggles as she feels my hands, and can hear the hustle
and bustle f her wokrplace outside her office....

my hands on the sides of ur thighs with my tongue and lips kissing ur knees
up further i begin to kiss ur inner thigh as u try to work
my hands squeezing ur thighs and raising ur skirt
i pull ur body further so ur barely on the seat
i slide my head between ur thighs kissing ur inner thigh as i make my way up
i reach forward as you squirm and ur thighs part
i begin to slide tongue over ur lips with a swift motion
hmmm tastes good as you kick my
Hmmmm licking my lips with moisure
as your try to type i spread ur thighs apart sliding my head forwward
my mouth millimeters away from clit my tongue circling in small motions
up and down it glides over ur moist lips
slow small grunts escape from under the desk
as one hand squeezes ur thighs, my tongue carressing ur inner lip, my other hand reaches down toward my jeans
as i begin to stroke, ur wet moisture drips over my lips as i begin to eat and eat hmmm tasting so gooood moans now escaping from my mouth as i stroke
i slide my finger over ur wet moisture and slide it into my mouth sucking my fingers making small sucking noises so u can hear above the desk
ur body barely on the seat i slide my moist finger into you so warm and wet
my finger moves slowly in and out dripping down my wrist i lick my wrist
stroking my cock as i breathe harder
i groan low and deep as i taste u on my lips
you try your best to keep typing but i nibble ur thigh and begin to slowly slowly push the chair out
my finger still in you and my hands still strokin i poke my head from under the desk and gaze into ur eyes
on my knees i creep out slowy pushing ur chair back slowly
my finger under ur skirt deep in to u i kiss you
my other hand lets go of my cock and holds ur neck as i kiss you
letting u taste ur moisture on my lips
i kiss ur cheeks bones and move toward ur neck my lips breathing deep on ur neck as i slide my finger in and out fo you
my tongue begins to twirl and suck on ur neck
my hand lets go of ur neck as it works ur buttons on ur blouse
1 button 2 buttons 3 buttons
you place ur hands on my neck and lean back
ur shirt opens and now my mouth begins to kiss between ur breasts
my other hand caressing the back of ur neck rolling ur head round and back
kissing over ur bra
my tongue traces the edges as i sare up at you
my finger foundles with ur bra to undo it
ur bra snaps and falls over ur thigh and to the ground
ur breasts flushed red, nipples erect i slowly cover one with my mouth and begin to slide my lips
slowly sucking, moisture from my mouth dripping over ur nipple, my tongue sliding over and over.....
my hands sliding over ur thighs, a slight moan escapes my mouth as i kiss ur stomach
ur stomach quivers as my hands squeeze ur thighs my ;ips moving over ur cute stomach
i look up at u and begin to slide ur skirt down
sliding them past ur thighs and over ur heels
my hands slowly bring ur foot toward my mouth and kiss ur ankles, my hands gently slide off ur heels and drop them to the floor
i slide my hands over ur feet up over ur knees over ur thighs reaching ur waist and squeeze
i smile and lean toward u for a kiss
i kiss u on the cheek and slide off my shirt over my head and drop it in ur lap
you throw the shirt over ur shoulder and smile
i stand up and begin to remove my already unzipped jeans
you reach for my hands and begin to lower my jeans
i kick them off and stand erect sitff and looking at you
you stand up leaning against my body
my lips embrace ur lips, my hands slide over ur hips and under ur ribs
lifting you slightly, we turn around as you lean back on ur desk
you lay back as i move forward between ur legs
standing over you i slide my hands over ur breast
i lean forward to kiss you
ur hand reaches down between ur legs and ur fingers wrap around my manhood
you pull gently placing me between ur lips a i slowly enter you
slight gasps escape from out mouths as we kiss
i enter into you deeper as my hand squeezes ur thigh
i gently slide my hips back as i push forward again entering you
your arms drapped over my shoulders u squeeze them and raise ur waist towards me
slowly back and forth our bodies move in and out
ur legs wrapped around my body me leaning over you our breathes become deeper
you gasp my name as you lean ur head back ur hair now hanging over ur back
i kiss ur neck below your ear as we shiver from ou bodies touch . . . hmmm finish it urself hehe or tell me to.

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