Erotic Photos  

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10/24/2005 10:47 am

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Erotic Photos

“I’ve been thinking, and I know this may sound weird. But…I was wondering how you’d feel about taking some erotic photos of us.” Her voice was a bit sheepish, the quiet way she got when she felt like just maybe her pervertedness would shock him. She chanced a look up at him through thick lashes, cheeks reddening, just at the thoughts of the pictures.

For just a moment, he hesitated, making her wait to watch her squirm, and then, “What did you have in mind?” She looked down, hair hiding her face and got even more quiet. “I don’t know, I was thinking like maybe pictures of me sucking your cock.” Each word got quieter, slower, with pauses in between.

“Hell yeah.”

That was the conversation a week prior to now. He thought of it as he drove to her place and smiled, feeling a distinct fire licking at his abdomen, his groin. In his mind, he had a dozen pictures already, angles that he wanted, visuals that he had seen in reality and fantasy but that he could now have preserved.

She had brought herself off twice already that day, just thinking about it. She was almost ashamed of how completely horny the thought made her. Yet, she couldn’t deny the way her nipples turned to stone in the silk of her negligee. The camera was on the nightstand, and as she paced waiting for him, she wondered how she’d even make it to the bedroom.

She opened as soon as he knocked. Door shut, lock flipped, and she pushed him against the wall. Hot, passionate kisses, bodies pressed together. His hands skimmed over the silk gown to cup her ass, cradling it, pulling her hips into his. His hard cock nestled against her, throbbing its need.

Breathlessly, they stopped with the realization that pictures would never happen this way. On to the bedroom. He toyed with the camera, and knew what he wanted. He had her on her knees at his feet, and held her away from his cock. “Not until I tell you to start. And then, you’re going to go very slowly. Tease. Slowly. Understand?” She nodded and wiggled, her sex throbbing. He undressed in front of her while she held her breath. Her nails dug white half moons into her thighs as she fought restraint.

Finally, he was naked, and hard, in front of her. “Now. Slowly.” Click ‒ she was an inch away, lips parted, hand wrapped around the base. Click ‒ tongue tip out, just flicking the head. Click ‒ tongue swirled over the top of the head. Click ‒ lush lips just before the ridge of the head. Click ‒ half way down the shaft. Click ‒ cock buried in her throat. Click ‒ almost all the way out again, cock wet and slick. Click, click, click ‒ look of complete rapture on her face as she sucks him.

He pulls her from the floor and pushes her to the bed on her back. Crawling between her thighs, he lays his hard cock on her pussy, click. Click ‒ cock nestled in her wet slit. Click ‒ just barely inside her. Click ‒ her hands twisted in the sheets as she begs for it. Click ‒ her chest and throat as she arches up, trying to take him in. Click ‒ her pussy lips stretched around the base of his shaft. Click ‒ his cock, covered in her wetness, barely inside her.

The camera is tossed to the other corner of the bed as he begins fucking her in earnest. Bodies slap together. Her breasts bounce under his chest, nipples dragging on his skin. “Let me suck you again.”

Click ‒ his cock pulling out of her, sloppy wet. Click ‒ her mouth, slurping her cum from his cock. Click ‒ her tongue, connected to his cock with a string of wetness. His first throb made her hollow her cheeks and suck hard, swallowing the first jet of cum. Before the second, he pulled out of her mouth. Click ‒ her mouth open as he pulled out. Click ‒ his cum in a rope over her lips and chin. Click ‒ her tongue lapping it up.

As they stretched in post coital bliss on the bed, she rolled over to kiss his neck, licking the salty sweat from his skin and whispered, “Wouldn’t it be hot to have pics of two of us sucking you?... Hmm, we’ll have to work on that…”

Greenguy96 43M

10/24/2005 6:47 pm

Hot story.

sail2tahiti1000 52M
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10/24/2005 7:01 pm

HHHMMMM, now where's the kleenex, you tell a mean story

rm_anacortes 74M
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10/25/2005 6:03 am

Cute... brought a smile to my face..

Oooooooooooooooo youth!!


SunneyOne 43F

10/25/2005 4:57 pm

Cute? Hmm, okay, not exactly what I was goin' for...but I'll take it.

CuntSlurpa 45M
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10/26/2005 10:53 am

I'd agree. It's more than cute. That's a very nice little story you constructed there.

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