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11/3/2005 8:50 am

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When I was a little girl, okay, a young girl, I was often falling, scraping my knees or getting otherwise injured. More often than not, all it took to “make it all better” was a carefully applied band-aid and a kiss from mom. We could argue that the magic was in the kiss, but I never thought so. I knew that I knew that I knew that the magic was in the band-aid. There was some super-powered healing capability in that little beige strip of plastic and gauze. So much so that I often got in trouble for putting band-aids on dolls and on parts of me that were in no way cut or scraped. A tummy ache warranted a band-aid on my belly button, as I was certain that would make it better.

I am obviously much older, and have graduated now to the clear strips so that they aren’t so obvious, but they still make the ouchies better.

It strikes me though that there are other band-aids. My friend Laura is a band-aid, a fixer. Maybe it’s because she is a mom too. I don’t know. But she always knows just what to say or do to fix things. “He was stupid anyway. His loss.” “Put it on my card and pay me.” “Ignorant cow, why does she continue to ask then if she doesn’t want your answer?” “Let’s get a drink after work.” I think she just used all of those plus some on me. The result being that I am currently covered in band-aids. As we hung up the phone, I had this visual of me as an 8 year old, with a big sister Laura (which I never had then) carefully placing band-aids over all my boo-boos.

The visual made me smile. But even more, I started to feel the two day grouchiness melting away. And I know that when I’m ready to rip those band-aids off, I’ll be all better underneath, ‘cause they’re magic.

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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11/14/2005 6:19 pm

Funny thing Sunney, my little sister who is a year older than you, used to do the same things with band-aids when she was little. I think it is half the reason for all the kiddy favorite band-aids you can get today, what a great profit source that must be.
You are very fortunate to have a friend like Laura as your "big sister" so cherish her, because a friend like that is worth more than their weight in gold.

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