Poem - Breaking Farther away  

Sundowner1_1973 43M
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6/3/2006 2:59 pm
Poem - Breaking Farther away

you ask me questions i cannot answer
choosing to not understand the answers i can give
you ask if i want you to stay,
and you miss the answer "its always been up to you"

its been three years since you and i
could have been called married in more than name
yet I have given you three more years
despite my better judgment

why do you keep trying
to make me feel that which i don't
after you, gloating, ripped my heart out and declared victory when she left the field on her own

when she was here,
the ring stood for three
now that she is gone,
the ring stands for nothing

without her I search for me
perhaps in another's arms
perhaps only in another's words
but never in any part of you

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