Faith - To the Mormons  

Sundowner1_1973 44M
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4/16/2006 1:16 pm
Faith - To the Mormons

in my heart,
i am faithful to one woman only
(but not the one i married)

in my mind,
one womans name rings out and drowns all
(but not the name of the one i tied myself to)

in my soul
i am bound to naught but one
(but she lives far from me)

i may believe in your church but not in your betrayl
how DARE you demand that i cheapen
the sacrament that means the most to me?

between me and god there is a gulf
for i placed my pride, my despair and then my hubris
between me and the one god intended

i can live with this one
but life is all she deserves
my soul? that belongs to another

if you see it, this is my confession
but i cannea tell you in person
lest i shame her e'en more
(c) cameron 11/27/2005

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