Chaos is an Absent-minded Bull  

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4/16/2006 12:55 pm
Chaos is an Absent-minded Bull

New Age RoundTable
Category 2, Topic 8
Sent on 10/17/1996 at 7:02p

As my life comes crashing down,
I can only laugh...
when ones house is made of cards, well,
sometimes a wind comes in...
Distance was needed in the relationship,
well, I got what I needed...
chaos is an absentminded bull
when it remembers your there, you aren't

oh I ride the waves of chaos,
trying to find a harbor,
wondering about past lives,
when I can barely handle this one

dance with me a while, little one
we shall look above the sky,
look into the future,
and deny the past,
or try.

love this headstrong fool, luv
and weave a dream for me
sing your sirens song
just oh just for me

"for richer for poorer,"
soon luv, that we'll be
I've seen poorer luv
and richer soon to be?
some years, luv, can you wait for me?
some years, love, can you wait for me?

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