Summer ANGEl  

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9/12/2005 3:29 pm

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Summer ANGEl

I wrapped My arms around his neck and kissed him. His own hands went to my waist, and then to my ass. Then it moved up and he grabbed a handful of tit through my blouse. I moaned around his tongue but didn't break the kiss as his hands pulled up my blouse, exposing my tits to his hungry hands. I wasn't wearing a bra. Carlos broke the kiss, and moved his mouth to My tit. He suckled greedily, and then took my nipple between his teeth and pulled gently. My knees started to buckle and he caught me and guided me to the couch. He kissed me again, his one hand kneading my tits and his other disappearing under my skirt. I moaned again and shifted my hips to give him easier access. My skirt hiked up and he could see that I wasn't wearing any panties. He had three fingers jammed in my pussy. I moaned and squirmed. He could see his fingers were glistening with My pussy juice. I was literally dripping wet. He started fumbling with his pants and I moved to help him. I practically tore them off of him, exposing a large, fat, very hard cock with an immense, bloated mushroom head. My mouth actually started to water, and my pussy felt like it was full of hot butter. MY hand wrap around his fat cock and drag it into position. He sank his cock in all the way to the balls in one long, slow thrust. I moaned loudly and I wrapped My arms around his neck and My legs around his waist, pulling him as deep as he could go, I squealed as I started to cum. He left his cock in to the hilt, grinding it slowly as clutching, spasming cunt came all over his cock. . He started fucking Me with a slow, steady rhythm. I couldn't believe I was standing there getting fucked. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and really started to hammer My cunt hard. I had a clear view of his fat cock pistoning in and out of my splayed pussy, dragging out the lips of My pussy with each stroke. I grunted with each stroke and then screamed, "Oh fuck!" as I began to cum again. Again he thrust his cock as deep as it would go, and then left it there, grinding it against My clit as I came. When I was done, he started to fuck me again with a slow, steady rhythm. His thrusts became faster and wilder and then I said, "Don't cum yet." I jumped off his cock and jacked him off until he dropped a massive load of warm cum on my mouth!

19bigpapa74 42M

9/20/2005 5:24 pm

MY turn

rm_karadas22 31M
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9/28/2005 10:34 am

tu ma l'air vachement canons et moi j'adore m'amusé..........alor si toi aussi tu aime t'amusé a des truc d' moi

Grillick 35M
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11/3/2005 3:49 am

Wow, baby, that sounds like a shitload of fun...Wish I could've been there for it. Let me see if I can do the same for you...

Imagine yourself lying in a big bed, a thin satin sheet covering your bare body as the morning sun shines through the window, and you're slowly drifting out of sleep. Your lover lays beside you, gently rubbing his hands over your shoulders and arms, a pleasant reminder of the night before. You can feel his member growing hard again, despite the rampant overuse it went through last night, and his caress grows slightly more insistent, slipping down from your shoulder, along the side of your breast, and down to your ass, squeezing eagerly. Then he slips one hand under your body, resting your ribcage in the crook of his elbow as he pinches your already erect nipples. His other hand slides around your hips, gently parting the lips of your pussy, one finger slipping inside to feel his own juices mixed with yours. You can feel him smiling as he kisses your neck, gently lifting your leg up so that his member can slip inside. Slowly he pushes his way in, pinching your clit between thumb and forefinger as he licks the back of your neck, squeezing your breast firmly. Quickly, he rolls you over so that you are facing down, placing his knees on the bed between your legs. He lifts you up forcibly, arching your back and spreading your legs at the same time, and he begins to slide himself in and out quickly. You moan with pleasure, slamming your ass against his stomach to shove him deeper inside you, and he squeezes your hips tightly. He slows down a bit, going more gently now, leaning forward to squeeze your breasts. He whispers in your ear, "God, you're so hot. I could just fuck you all day."
In and out, in and out his cock slides harder and faster in your pussy. Your moisture lubricates the connection well, reducing the friction but enhancing the feeling of each thrust. You cry out in joy, and he begins to slow. He rolls you over again, onto your back, and lays you down before him. He slowly crawls his way up your body, the tip of his cock rubbing up along the inside of your thigh as his lustful eyes bore into your soul. He presses his cock between your thighs, but just a tad too high, pushing it hard against your clit, but not low enough to penetrate your slit. He lowers his lips to yours, parting them slightly and licking your lips as you connect. His tongue slips between your upper lip and teeth, and his weight continues to press down on you more. His cock is now pressed into your clit so hard that it begins to slip, not down and into your eagerly waiting pussy, but up, rubbing its tip along your clit and then depositing its moist precum in your navel. His breath comes heavily, and quickly he lifts his hips up, slamming them down forcefully, driving his cock into its most available escape route, deep inside your cunt. He thrusts his way in fully, up to the hilt, slamming his hips against yours, and pulls out just as suddenly, leaving the very tip nestled between your lips. He slides it inward again, and outward, increasing his tempo and force each time. In and out, in and out, harder and faster, stronger and more urgently, he thrusts his throbbing member in your cunt. You can feel his climax building, his cock growing impossibly hard at the last moment, before he shoots his cum out, pulling free just as he does so that it spurts not only in your pussy, but also out and over your stomach.
You rub the cum all over your breasts caressing your large tits. You move over and start licking his cock to get the last bit of cum that you can out of the still raging hard penis. You move up and down on it until it becomes soft. You move up on his body and start passionately kissing him forcing your tongue into his mouth as you grasp his hand and put it by your used pussy. He gets the hint and puts his two fingers into you. You slowly start to ride it like it was his dick while still kissing him. After 3 minutes his cock starts to harden again. By now he has three fingers inside of you. He pulls out and as he does so you go back to his raging hard member and start licking it all over moving down sucking on the balls one at a time. Once you feel he is wet enough you climb on top of his cock and slowly slide down onto it. Once he’s in to the hilt you go up and down slowly getting faster by the second until you’re riding him like a bucking bronco. You feel his cock pulsating so you stop and lick it once and he shoots all over your face and onto his chest. You bend down, putting his softening cock in between your large breasts, and lick up the cum that is on his heaving chest. Licking it until there is nothing left being sure you get every last drop.
He pushes you over onto your back, climbing up atop you and kissing every inch of your legs from the tips of your toes, all the way up to your knees, inside the knee and up the thighs…He pauses at the hips, licking them slightly before venturing inward…his lips caressing yours as they join together. He nibbles gently on your labia, licking them with quick flicks of the tongue. Your tart taste overcomes him and he is given fully to the lust. He shoves his tongue inside your pussy, flicking it about inside you as I firmly pinch your clit between my thumb and forefinger as the other hand rubs your stomach firmly, caressing it way up to your breast where it squeezes hard. He opens his mouth slightly and runs his teeth briefly along the length of your lips before lifting up a bit to suck on your clit. He slips one hand around his lips to shove two fingers into your pussy…they slide in and out as he sucks on the clit. His other hand squeezes your nipple firmly. He feels you beginning to buck your hips up to meet his face and he continue my ministrations, sliding his fingers in and out and joining them with a third as he fucks your pussy with them…In and out; in and out; harder and faster as his tongue flicks violently back and forth along the tip of your clit while he continues sucking on it. His other hand grabs your hip, pushing you more into his face as you begin to buck like a wild mare, slamming your hips into his face until he fears you may break his nose. But he keeps going, sucking and fucking you until finally you relax as the orgasm engulfs you. Your breathing is hard and fast, and you lie still on the bed for a few moments.
After the orgasm engulfs you, you lay him on his back and kiss him, your tongues tangled together, so that you can taste your pussy juices in his mouth. It tastes so good that the kisses increase while you rub your hands all over his body...feeling his cock and balls in your hand, your mouth wanting to taste them. You kiss down his body slowly and lick the base of his cock with your tongue. You run your tongue up and down his cock tasting his hardness. You lick down to his balls and tease them with your licks, kisses, and finally take them in your mouth and suck on them while you give him a hand job. You lick back up the cock and take him partly in your mouth, sucking on him slowly but increasing the sucks every time. You kiss up his body, your body caressing his cock and feeling how hard it is. While you kiss him, you take his cock in your hand and use it to trace your pussy lips, showing how wet you are for him, your pussy aching to feel him inside.....

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