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9/7/2006 11:12 am

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9/12/2006 10:08 am


I have discovered filters!!

Now that was a good idea. Putting filters in so the amount of email is cut down. For the first week I was receiving an incredible number of emails every day. Nice for the ego, but talk about stupid. Out of every hundred there were maybe 10 worth looking at. Crass pictures, gross language - " I can meet you in an hour and fuck your brains out!!" PLEASE!! So these filters get rid of 90% of that. Now I'm down to a few emails a day and those are very nice. Occassionally a crass one slips through but usually not.

I've also discovered that you can actually have too much sex. Well not really, but two wild nights in a row leaves you pretty tired. As predicted when my hubby got home he was very horny. So after my meeting with Mr. Patient Tuesday night, I had my home boy last night. Whew! I'm tired today!!

I'm beginning to ownder how much more of this I want. Maybe two is enough?? Two regular ones anyway... But we'll see.

Should I compare sex with my hubby and Mr. Patient? Let's just say they were both very good but in completely different ways. My hubby is 29 and of course still exteremly virile, or for those of you without a thesaurus - HARD LIKE A ROCK!! Mr. Patient was less hard but very accomodating. His version of pleasing me was just that. His goal was to please me! So the sex was from a completely different angle. Can't say I dislike either approach. Course I have a bias for my hubby anyway.

I asked him (my hubby) if he wanted to know when I started to have sex with other men. He looked funny and after thinking for a minute said he would rather not, unless it would improve our sex lives. Then he asked me if I was planning ion doing that soon. I said I wasn't sure, just wanted to know where he stood.

He asked how hunting on the site was going and I told him about all the wierdos. He nodded and said men are like that mostly. Great! He already knew...he could have told me. I told him about my discovery of filters and he asked how the worked. I explained and he smiled. Well that will cut it down, he said. And it has!

So I'm left to decide how long this will continue. I wonder what the average length of time people belong is? I've noticed on some searches that the profile is there but they've written it off for a while. Guess they found wwhat they were looking for.

Oh well, back to browsing...

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/7/2006 1:13 pm

Amazing what you find when you're not really looking for it, huh?

wonderfulbiwoman 53F

9/7/2006 1:56 pm

well congrats to you sultry on finding someone worth your time...i have to say that i have been on this site for a year as a couple and about 8 months with my own profile...i've met some amazing and women...and had some incredible encounters both with and without D, my husband...i have no plans of leaving as of yet...i do have my "regulars" and they have become good friends as well as being great lovers...however, i am still looking for those "zipless fucks" that are simply an experience beyond any other...D likes to hear about my encounters but i have to time the storytelling to fit within the parameters of our relationship - i'm sure you will find the way that works for you best with time...

we both seem to be very fortunate women to have partners that give us the freedom to pursue and express our sexuality! enjoy and be safe!


dream like you'll live like you'll die tomorrow

Sultrynight28 38F

9/9/2006 6:31 pm

Thanks B.

I figure like you its all timing. In the meantime this is great!!

GleesFlakyShawl 50M
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9/11/2006 11:25 am

well u dont seem to waste much of ur time, id say......

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