I was a hot sultry night in Honolulu  

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8/11/2005 12:51 pm

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I was a hot sultry night in Honolulu

I worked part time at a bar across the street from the Barber's Point Naval base. It was August and hot. I was sticky working behind the bar counter and could feel my panties sticking to my crotch. I had on one of my colorful Hawaiian dresses which was floor length. Not a muumuu which is shapeless, but more body contouring. I decided to take a break which I was long overdue and to have a smoke out back and cool off. I first went to the ladies room and removed my panties to rinse off and give my pussy some breathing space. I hung the panties in an empty stall knowing they would be safe as the ratio of men to women were like 6 to 1.

I lit up my cigarette of choice which was a Salem. Took a swig of my Vodka Tonic and leaning on a the back staircase lifted my dress to feel the breeze caress my thighs and cool off my hotness. The door behind me opened and a tall good looking guy came out. At first he didn't see me and I could hear the familiar sound of piss against the wall. The moonlight gave me a nice view of his cock as he started to pack it away. 'Oh shit, didn't see you there he said. 'No biggie Haouli boy I said, just pee right? he came over by me and noticed my skirt was lifted but by now my pussy was covered. I gave him a light and we started small talk. He was from W. Virginia, about 26 years old, fiance` in the states etc. So he asks me, are Hawaiian women really as exotic as they say. I smiled and said who's they? you know he says other sailors, guys stationed here. I laughed, did they also tell you our pussy's taste as sweet as sugar cane? he said they do? I couldn't believe he actually said that, and I replied, well I could be wrong? Now I'm getting horny talking about pussy and can feel my lips getting wet. He finished his cigarette and said well I sure wouldn't mind finding out for myself. I teased him and said, oh yeah, what about your girl in the states? he says, hell we're not married yet right? I said ,NO your not. come over here under the stairs and let me feel your hands. Feel my hands? he says. Yeah I replied, grab my ass and squeeze my cheeks firmly. As soon as he did that his erection was becoming obvious thru his uniform. I lifted up my dress and showed him what was in store. Wow your so brown everywhere he exclaimed. There were some discarded crates which I set on top of each other and stood on them. I had him sit opposite me and leaned against the wall and opened my pussy for him. 'go ahead, see if I taste like sugar cane'. he went for it..hmmm oh man hmmm he says. I don't know what sugar cane taste like but your delicious! He gave me a good 10 minutes of oral and after he brought me to a climax, I of course recipricated. He had a nice size cock, thick and throbbing. I knew my break was just about over so I had to hurry to get back inside. I turned my back to him as there was no place to lie down and dirty his whites. Didn't want to do that to him. so up on one crate I leaned into the stairs holding a step for security. I was dripping wet now and could feel his cock brush my ass. He rubbed it between my cheeks and finally entered me. It was a fast thrust but he went to the hilt of my pussy. I don't think it lasted but 3 minutes when he finally exploaded into me. 'ahh. ahh shit, fuck I needed that' apparently I did too. He put junior back in his pants and I let my dress back down and went back behind the bar. I forgot to go back for the panties, cause I was 4 minutes late as it was. I continued to tend bar and thru out the night could feel his cum seeping out and dripping along my thighs. It was quite a turn on even if it was also uncomfortable. He watched me from a booth with his friends and before he left came by and said, 'your pussy is as sweet as a magnolia, which I had no idea how that flower smelled but took the complement. Mahalo I replied, then he pressed a $50 tip into my hands. I said what's this for? he replied well I kept you from making tips for 4 minutes, so I figure I owe you. I laughed and said yeah right' thanks. Then he says well I will be come one of the 'they's' and will certainly tell them it's true, Hawaiian women are pretty fucking hot! take care. Aloha I said as he and his pals walked out to ship out the next morning.

Wickedly Yours the Diva.

pmo46 70M
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8/25/2005 6:05 am

I hope to make you last more than four minutes unless you are having multiples(I give great oral or so I've been told). Can't wait to find out if it's true and you are that fucking hot. We can go to Hala Kahiaki Bar in River Grove or the Bambo room in the Marriott befor the real fun stars.

horny196364 53M

1/25/2008 5:58 am

great story loved it

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