Grease monkey and the kitty  

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10/2/2005 8:54 pm

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Grease monkey and the kitty

Well after my divorce I was hip, young and hot to trot! I traded in my station wagon for a 2 door Carmen Ghia in 1980. The disco fad was still around but slowly fading. About the Ghia, it was a hot looking little car, but had some issues which were costly. I went to several repair shops and was given roughly about the same estimate. $900.00 to get her in tip top shape! Well nine hundred buck was like out of the question for my budget. After leaving the garage and heading home I came upon a small shop that read 'Foreign Repairs' german cars a specialty. So I thought what the fuck, I'll get one more estimate.

So I brake in front of the garage bay door and a tall blonde blue eyed man in a blue jumpsuit appears. He is covered in grease and it is clear to see he is the mechanic. 'Hi, I'm Helmut, how can I help you? he says in his german accent. You have to understand it is now August in California and I've got a magnificent tan. So in my white halter top and white jeans my dark skin is such a sexy contrast it turns even me on! LOL, ok so Helmut is not discreet and gives me the once over and asks 'A problem with the Ghia?' I told him what the other places advised me was wrong and the outlandish repair quotes. He told me to let him drive it around the block. So first he hands me a coke and jumps into the drivers side and of course I am in the passenger side. He rev's her up and off we go. He changes gears with ease each time he brushes my thigh. He is chatting the entire time and then finally he says 'ah yah, I see the problem' so back to his shop we go. I climb out and he pops the hood and starts pulling wires and says to me 'I can fix it for a good price' Yeah I reply; they all said they can fix it for a good price, how good is your price? That depends on you he smiles at me! I at first didn't catch on, and then he says the price could be as low as $200.00 if I find the right tools to work with. He then says he has to finish up the Volvo he was working on but would have time to start it the next day. I said well OK, let's do it. I'm thinking I can turn this guy out like he's never had it. So he says I can take a loaner and leave the car today. So off in a little VW bug I go and he promises to have it ready the day after. But before I get the chance to leave he says, can I see your tan mark? Well of course he, so I untied my halter and the top falls exposing my tits. He took one hand and palmed one of them. "nice he says, very nice". It was electrifing because first off it was broad daylight, and we were right in the garage with the bay door open. His assistant was in the office and could have spotted us anytime. I tie my top back up and go home.

As I get ready for my evening to end I am removing my clothes for my bubble bath and while looking in my full length mirror can see the marks of a grease hand mark on my left tit! Oh my gawd he marked me, it was a turn on and I hated to wash it off, but ya know nice clean linen sheets and as I lay in my bed masturbating and wondering what Helmut was going to have in store for me my phone rings. At first I thought it was my ex or the kids. It was Helmut. Good evening Ms. Francoise? yes I told him, he says well I've actually got to start on your vehicle. It might not be as bad as we first thought. Oh great I gush in a husky voice. What were you doing he asks me. I was actually just tickling my kitty I replied. Oh I love the pussy cats he says to me. I laughed and said, yeah I bet you do. Then I told him, hey you left grease marks on my body! Oh pooh he replied, your not upset are you? didn't it wash off? didn't you enjoy seeing my handprint and then washing your breast and feeling my touch in your mind?' Whoa he caught me totally off guard with that. I tried to be coy; 'Maybe I did' and maybe I didn't. and he caught my voice inflection and said, no you enjoyed it my dear Ms. Francoise. If I get a break the car might be done tomorrow evening around 6:30, can you stop by? Sure I said all this time I was rubbing my clit and his voice and accent was making me so hot! Good he says, well good night and I look for you tomorrow, now continue with what you were doing and pet the pussy for me, will you? I laughed and hung up and continued tickling the pussy until I climaxed.

It's 6:15 and I'm headed to the shop wearing a flowey summer dress with spaghetti straps and high heel mules. My anticipation is getting the better of me as I get closer to the shop and I can already feel the heat between my thighs and a dampness to my panties. I pull up and see a long stretch limo in one of the bay spots and my car in the one next to it. Helmut comes out of the limo and says 'Hi, your right on time and thank you for wearing a dress, I think females should be in dresses not pants he remarks. Let's go for a ride he says. So he hands me the keys so I can do the driving and he tells me to jump on the freeway. I do and can feel the difference in how it handles immediately, as the breeze picks up my dress rides up. I am getting turned on just having the German next to me and my dress up over my thighs. 'Very nice tan' he says and runs a hand over my right one, I look at him and he says 'don't worry I removed the grease.' So after a good 12 mintues or so I am back in his garage and he says, 'come into the limo with me. So I know pay up is about to happen and smile and said, Oh this is gonna be fun! In the back seat we are seated and he has a bucket with ice and some German beer, what else? He also has a basket of berries. So he hands me a beer and starts to pull down my straps, my breasts are now exposed and with a berry he squeezes berry juice on my nipple and starts to suckle me! Oh that feels good I murmur. Take off the dress he asks me, and as I doing that he too is removing his monkey suit. I see a pale well built torso with fine blonde pubic hairs on a nice sized staff. His head is a dark pink and engorged. I can hardly wait to feel that in me. He takes some of his beer and pours a little in to my belly button. Yes I have an inny. By now I'm in a totally reclined position and he is kneeling in front of me. He licked the beer and pours more from my chest and I feel it trickle down my body. he is fast with his tongue and licks every drop. He then feeds me a berry at a time after he rubs my clit with each one. I can taste my own pussy juice and I'm very turned on by it. Then finally he lifts a leg over his shoulder and starts to run his tongue over my pussy lips. I'm so wet from anticipation and he is moaning how wonderful I taste. I can feel him flick my clit and then delve in between my lips. Then he is tugging gently on my clit and finally I can't hold it so I whisper in urgency 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming' Das Good Fraulien he says and pushed in deeper. I have a handful of his blonde hair and just pushed my pussy into his face. Man that was intense. Then he kneels over my face and I start to lick the length of his shaft. His erection is as hard as a rock, his tip is so hot! I take as much of him into my mouth as I can and he moves in and out of me moaning. 'yes yes that's good'. He felt like he was about to cum in my mouth which would have been fine with me, but he wanted to feel my hot pussy. So he sat back on the opposite seat and I sat on top of his cock with my back facing his chest. he pushed my body forward and I was able to lean onto the opposite seat. He lifted my hips as we got into a rythem of rocking back and forth! It was terrific! he cupped my breasts as he plunged deep into me and as I got closer to cuming a 2nd time I could feel he was about to reach his as well. This wasn't going to last long, so I wiggled my ass to get more of him into me and yep sure enough he pushed in and pulled me to him as he climaxed outloud! something in German which I have no idea what he said, probably 'FUCK..FUCK'. LOL anyway we both came at the same time and as he wiped away the cum from his cock and my pussy he said, 'Ms. Francoise, your going to get a very good price for the work to your Ghia. We exited from the Limo and he went into the office and got out the paper work. It was back to business and as he handed me my bill my eyes opened wide..well I can surely afford this I exclaimed. He charged me for parts only, labor was free and he gave me his 10% discount to boot, plus he threw in 1 free oil change. all in all I ended up paying him around $112.00 dollars!! He says if you have any problems bring it back, and even if you don't bring it back! he smiles with that little wink he gave me in the first encounter. Needless to say I never had anymore issues with my Ghia, I did visit him a couple more times and then once his wife oh yeah he had one was visiting, her name was Giselle. She took one look at me and said Helmut is not here, he's at bank. do you have car problem? No I don't I say, just wondered when I needed to bring my car in for an oil change. She looked my name up in the computer and says, you don't come for 2 months. So I thanked her and left and just decided not to ever go back. I had a good deal and a fun experience and should just leave it at that!

Wickedly Yours the Diva.

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10/4/2005 4:20 am

I don't know much about cars but please call if you have problems with your computer.

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11/29/2005 2:05 pm

Hi. I just stopped in here while I was browsing thru a freind's network. Loved your story! Thanks for sharing.

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