post x-mas...  

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12/25/2005 11:01 pm

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post x-mas...

So I had a fairly merry Christmas...

I didn't get much as far as presents go but that was expected (It's just not as much fun when you grow up).

Spending time with the family wasn't so bad... no big party this year. No crazy drunk relatives fighting and basically making asses of themselves.

I did change my hair again (well that actually was a present for and from my army friend.) He always gives me grief when I cut my hair... After 6 years you'd think he get used to me cutting it... oh well as I say change is good. He said he also sent me a present (probably will get here Tuesday) wonder what it is ... the money for getting my hair done was nice enough, He's being very nice he must be single again... lol

My "sometimes friend" was very friendly and bought me some perfume and Pokemon XD (2 things from my list), which was very nice.
We also went to the movies to see Fun with Dick and Jane (it was ok... it had its moments).
But the reason for me referring to him as my "sometimes friend" came up again... basically he's an asshole by nature and he couldn't help himself but act all shitty again. *sigh* I still don't know why I bother.
(Well actually I do know why I bother the dick is really good... damn him and his fucking skillz)

I'm going to hit the after x-mas sales around town I still want that DV Camcorder. Maybe I'll get some others to star in a New Years movie.. lol (and yes it would be an xxx movie).

Well anyway I'm going to enjoy the rest of my holiday cause I'm damn sure not looking forward to going back to work Tuesday...

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