SugarD1951 65M
2 posts
3/31/2006 11:58 am

Am I going crazy or just plain unlucky to run into people who have turned the AdultFriendFinder site into a con site to lure people to join other sites where they have better pictures etc. These people incidentally have their totally nude picture on AdultFriendFinder and are asking you to pay to get access to another site where they have more pictures. More pictures? Of what. Why do people decide to place phoney ads and make claims that make you think they are available, only to find out that they are just ads for other XXX sites. This is not right. I do not mind those who use the site to get customers who are willing to pay for sexual favors, but to pay to be in AdultFriendFinder and not be able to count on the genuineness of the members is very annoying.

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