the curious shy male Test subject 14-A  

OralsDicedBream 43M
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5/7/2006 10:37 am

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the curious shy male Test subject 14-A

Here i am, yet again bored out of my mind, surfing and browsing AdultFriendFinder as i housesit once again. Not really looking for anything in particular, just wondering if any sexually frustrated individuals are out surfing too, looking to get the satisfactions they desire quenched. After getting my umpteenth email or IM from cyberdogs in brussels or queensland, i see an IM pop up from someone actually close to me. To protect those involved from the OMG police, i will alter the details slightly. I join the IM, with no expectations. Pleasantries are exchanged and the obligatory nice pics line to start the conversation. (If it was left to me i would have thousands of cock and pussy sucking pics posted but apparently i am the only human alive that cant see the identification bar code tattooed next to the genital area on every human being on the planet, making posting thier photo impossible to be anonymous. But i digress, that is a whole blog unto itself.) After a few minutes of indesision and telling me he is a 136 year old male with 23 nipples and a 73 lb scrotum full of love juice he finally gets around to asking what he was curious about. "You like to suck cock?" (I am thinking some day i should really change my profile around to maybe emphasize this desire.....) I freeze up for a second, racing through all the responses i could typically give. Some prefer the filthy yes bitch, come fuck my face NOW approach but since he has been nothing but demure i shoot off a typical response of yes, i love it. more general questions follow ranging from my dislike of cyber to my true hatred of being a cyber buddy. Then back to the topic, "I could really use a blowjob". "Would be more than hapy to help you out, anytime, anywhere" "Sounds great, I am ready right now. Where are you at?" After I freely provide any requested information, the shoe drops, as usual. "well, i will keep that in mind, got any hot pics???" CLICK. Thanks for playing, stop by again. I really understand how daunting it could be to have anonymous sex with a total stranger, but to wantonly waste time hoping you can somehow cajole me into changing my views is just beyond my understanding. I try to be as straightforward as possible as to what i am looking for, guess i am expecting the same from others. shame on me i guess for being so naive. Oh well, enough of my mindless rantings and prattlings, I now will continue the search for the ever elusive friend with benefits.......

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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5/7/2006 1:57 pm

welcome to blogging

gud luck in da search ....

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