I dont understand Men  

Submsvmisskitty 47F
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8/4/2006 12:54 am
I dont understand Men

I work in a restaurant and all I see is married men, old men, in a business meeting, too hungry to notice or theyre gay I swear! I kinda gave up meeting guys through the internet because it seems they expect a certain "picture" of me and find out Im Plain Jane. I guess they expect me to want to yak about sex once I meet them. Noooooooooo.
So what gives guys? What do you expect when you meet me.
If I go to a bar I expect to meet an alcoholic or to get a one night stand. I always seem to meet a guy with issues that has nothing to do with the bar.
If I have you as a customer the first thing I look for is a ring and every one of those other women I work with KNOW if a single guy in my age range walks in to put them in my station.
Anyway ....its sad. Im going to Morro Bay in a few days and changed my plans to Colorado next year. I change my plans like 5 times before its really permanent but Im responsible first and playful second. Anyway I go to sooo many great places and I sit in my restaurant telling my stories to all the older people and all the single men dont seem to come in to get to know me. So next time guys you do go out to eat you might want to look up it might be the waitress thats single and fun to be with. I know because Ive worked with sooooo many great women.

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