The Naughty School Teacher  

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8/8/2005 10:59 pm

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The Naughty School Teacher

I decided to visit him at work today. School had just let out and the classroom was empty. Although I had never been there before, he didn’t look at all surprised to see me. I sat on the edge of his desk while he graded papers and talked about his day. My legs were crossed, but my garter was showing slightly past my skirt. He got up and erased the chalkboard, still talking. Then suddenly, he turned to face me. A mischievous smile crept over his face that caused a blush of hot color to rise on my cheeks. He approached me and ran a hand slightly up my skirt and looked down into my eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you not to sit on the teachers desk?” he said in a low commanding voice. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came. I felt the blush on my face grow hotter and begin to spread. My eyes grew wide with question as I looked up at him. “I’ll have to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget” he barked while taking my wrist. He spun me around and bent me over his desk. He lifted my skirt, revealing my garter and yellow flowered panties. “Slap!” I felt his hand hit my bottom. Surprised, I squealed and turned my head to speak when “Slap!” He spanked me again, and again! I could feel a red welt rising in the form of a hand print on my bottom. Then he pulled my panties down and began to rub my crotch. “I see you liked it you naughty little girl, you‘re all wet! I’ll just have to punish you another way.” His nails dug into my thigh as he entered me from behind. His dick slid in slowly at first, then faster and faster. He fucked me so hard that the desk moved a little with each thrust. My face was pressed against one of the papers he had been grading...marked with a red “A” and a little smiley face. Harder and harder he entered me. Until he finally came deep within me, wetting my legs with his cum. He lay against my back for a moment, panting and hot. Then suddenly, he turned me around and pushed me to my knees. “Now clean your mess off of my cock” he demanded. I looked up at him for a moment, then placed his dick in my mouth. I sucked hungrily on his dick, enjoying the salty sweet taste of sex. I licked him and sucked on him until he was clean again. Then he dressed, sat down, and picked up the red pen he had been marking papers with earlier. “I hope you have learned your lesson. If not, I will see you after class again tomorrow. You may go home now” I turned to leave smiling, for I knew I would misbehave tomorrow too.

Bdrm_iii_s 58M

9/14/2005 8:42 pm

You should be paid for your writing. I think it would be fun to come up with some more sexy stories with you. I have some really good Ideas but you have the writing talent. Jim

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