Heart shaped locket  

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Heart shaped locket

This story was sent to me by a gorgeous hunk whose handle is dogiestyle69696 . He’s a much better writer than me, and I felt this story was to good not to share. He also wrote Aloha Enjoy...

As I stood outside in the rain, I felt disappointed. I'd spent the whole evening at dinner with a man I'd been talking to on line for quite a while. But like the others who I'd actually met, he just wasn't the person he said he was. I thanked him for a nice dinner and excused myself - telling him it would have to be an early evening because of work the next day. In my hurry to leave, I'd forgotten my umbrella. So there I stood, outside the restaurant, the rain soaking my hair and the new skirt I'd bought for our date, as a chill ran up my legs from a brisk fall wind. I flagged down the next taxi. It pulled up and I got in.
As I tried in vain to brush the rain off my exposed legs, the driver asked, "where to miss". Without looking up I gave him my address and the car pulled away. As we turned onto the highway, I began to think about the other men I'd chatted with on line. Were they all going to turn out to be such losers like this one? My mind wandered. I started to think about some men I'd talked to once or twice on line but didn't make an effort to meet. One man's face kept coming back to me. He was tall, handsome, friendly - supposedly a perfect match according to our profiles. I smiled, thinking about the last mail he'd sent me. Too bad I'd never made an effort to meet him - he was such a sweet person. Like a little school girl I wondered what it would have been like to have had sex with him.
Coming out of my daze, I looked out the window and realized I was half way home. Remembering something I'd forgotten at the store, I asked the taxi driver to stop by a local Mapco. He looked up in the rear view mirror at me and said, "no problem miss". When our eyes met he seemed vaguely familiar. Suddenly, I recognized who he was. It was him!!! My mouth opened slightly as a small drop of rain slid down my cheek and into the corner of my lips. I wanted to talk but I couldn't speak. His eyes smiled back at me in the mirror and he said, "Amy - is that you?" My heart started to beat wildly. I couldn't believe he was here -I asked him to pull over. We stared in the mirror at each other for what felt like an eternity. As if knowing what I'd been thinking about on the way home, he got out of the taxi and slowly opened the door to the back seat and leaned in. "It's nice to finally meet you", he said. My body started to quiver. I had just been thinking about what it would have been like to have sex with this man - and here he was. I couldn't control myself. Time stopped for me.
Like in slow motion I took his hand and led him into the back seat. He knew what I wanted. I pulled him on top of me and our lips met as one. He caressed my wet hair, warming my mouth in the most passionate kiss I'd ever had. My nipples got so hard they almost hurt. I grabbed at each side of my blouse and tore it open so I could expose my breasts to him. He sucked on them ever so gently. Then he unbuttoned my new skirt and ran his hands up my wet thighs. I reached down and felt his hard cock with my hand - it was throbbing to get inside of me. I opened my legs for him and placed them on the top of the seats. He moved my panties aside and I felt him run his cock up and down my lips continuously. With each stroke, the desire to make love to him built up inside of me. He gradually twisted my nipples. I moaned in pleasure. I was about ready to burst and grabbed him by the cheeks and shoved him inside of me. He began to pump wildly - burying himself into me as deep as he could with each stroke. The sweat poured out of him and mixed with my rain soaked body. His body pressed on mine as hard as he could. He grabbed my ass with both hands and pushed me up against him as hard as he could. I knew he was almost ready to cum - and so was I. Then together - as if destined by the gods - our bodies exploded simultaneously - the warm rush overtaking both of us. Still panting hard - I stared into his eyes. I was so glad I'd met him - and he was too. Then he placed a small heart shaped locket around my neck and said, "remember me."
Just then, I felt a bump. The taxi came to a stop and the driver said, "that'll be $24.50, miss." I was home? I looked in the mirror at the driver - it wasn't him. I couldn't believe it - it was just a daydream. I paid the taxi driver and walked up to my door. Smiling, I thought to myself - gosh, what a great dream. As I pulled out my keys from my inside jacket pocket it caught onto something. I held the keys out in front of me - and there, glistening in the moonlight, I saw a small heart shaped locket.

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