Another daydream during masturbation. I wish some of these were actually true.  

SubmissiveAK 43F
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11/27/2005 3:39 pm

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4/2/2006 12:28 am

Another daydream during masturbation. I wish some of these were actually true.

I offer you a drink. Without answering me, you grab me by the neck and begin kissing me with such want and passion that I instantly become wet. I try to push you away, but you grab my wrists and pull me to the bedroom. I try to talk my way out of this, but you don't hear me. You simply force me onto the bed and tie me to the headboard. I try to see your face in the dark room, as you begin running your hands beneath my shirt. Pinching my sensitive nipples, ripping off my shirt. I cannot help but definitely know what you are doing. You begin kissing and biting and teasing me. "You're enjoying yourself aren't little bitch. Do you want me to stop?'' "No? Then beg for more!" I begin begging as your mouth finds my clit. In and out, tickling my wet pussy until I am screaming your name. You flip me over and begin fucking me so hard I feel like I will explode. Your dick feels exquisite in me. So hard and so forceful, you are all man. Your hand reaches around and finds my clit. You begin massaging it, forcing me to cum again. My contracting muscles send you into climax too. You quiver and shake until we collapse together.

Are you free Saturday night?

Don0023 63M  
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11/27/2005 5:01 pm

As saturday night fell, you walked slowly towards me, shedding every stich of clothes u had on your way, I nooded and glanced fell to your knees and crawled slowly to me.....I unzipped and spoke softly...SUCK IT......your lips slowly enveloped first the head then the entire shaft.....your hands grasped my ass as you pressed tightly to my hard throbbing cock....make me cum I I pulled you tighter to pistoned like a wild woman, looking me straight in the eyes as my cock slammed in and out of your warm wet mouth.....spurt after spurt of hot cream ran down your throat with the extra dripping down your finished me licking slowly up and down my shaft.....Our night has just lie back and now you did and I dove head first into your wet pulsing give you as good as you gave me....
This is only the start....Saturday night with you would be an adventure worth exploring.


adventurous6482 52M

11/27/2005 7:48 pm

mmm... I'm ready to explode just reading this! your adventures into the unknown could move fantasy to reality! just say the word! And shirt popping, panties ripping... wrists tied and a forced entry in the darkness SLAP! Will find you screaming as your flipped and spun around until your clit pulsates... spurting with each SLAP! as your battle rammed, sliding in and out... the rhythmic motion is surreal and your moans and screams truly erotic! and soon the blur... is much clearer as you wonder... is this really happening? you realize your legs are now raised up in the air and your angles clasped firmly... your biting your lip so hard it bleeds as your pounded... over and over... the climax is near for both and suddenly! you blurt out fuck me harder... don't stop, don't... everything is tense, every muscle shivering, your mouth wide open as you gasp and pause without a single breath! A series of short gasps continue and all at once this awesome rush hits full force... You feel flush and warm all over... Both trying to control it just a little longer... the driving intensity is overwhelming!! The feeling so... good!!! The point of no return! Can’t hold it... Boom!!! explosion city... after shocks rock your quivering clit... both your bodies are dripping wet as beads of sweat splash on our lips from your secret lovers face. You can barely make out his silhouette. Exhausted he collapses beside you, your heart beats fast and his breath is heavy. He rises up one more time to gently kiss your bleeding lips and licks the sweat from your neck and down to your cleavage. Sucking your erect nipples and gently massaging your clit for round 2...

Fantasy or reality? just say the word...

rm_lvlknu69 56M

11/28/2005 10:32 am

Hi We obviously think alike!I could have written that myself.I,d like to talk to you about your fantasy,s.By no means should a beautiful young lady be alone or cold, there are lots of men out here that would love to keep you warm(hot!),I for one would be more than happy to enjoy playing with you!!!I particularly enjoy light bondage so I can drive you crazy before I let you cum.Nothing creates bigger orgasms than needing to cum and not nowing when or how I,m going to let you!write me if you know whats good for you!!!!

rm_unique_me2 55M
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12/10/2005 3:54 pm

she has a way with words and emotions,,


mesoohorn 61M
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2/12/2006 6:43 pm

WOW !!! I can't beleive what some guys will say !!! DUH!!!Be real ! and be smart,and senitive. just a bunch of horney jerk offs sitting at home with their dick in hand...

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