WIfe Surprised me this past weekend  

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8/17/2005 7:15 am

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WIfe Surprised me this past weekend

in my last post I told you about my wifes first time swinging. She is gettign into it now. This was quite a surprise for me to say the least.

This past Saturday she had the kids stay with my parents and she said we had some people coming over. This doesn't normally happen so I was a bit curious. She wasn't herself all day real giddy though.

That night around 8 ish or so the doorbell rang. It was Kris one of my wife's friends from way back. She wasn't with her husband this time though. Kris is about 5'5' very vice body and killer ass. Her breasts a little bigger than my wife's. I let her in and we all began talking and having drinks. I was thinking there would be more people but that was it.

AFter we chatted a bit and a few more drinks my wife then turned to me with a big smile on her face and said Surprise!! I said what...she said that Kris is the surprise!! I just had a big smile on my face and a growing bulge in my pants.

My wife looked at me and said that Kris is all mine and she wanted to watch me this time. Kris slid over on to the couch next to me and started to rub my thigh and kiss my neck. I started to rub her thigh and fondle her breasts. Kris then undid my belt and pants and pulled out my hard cock. She made the comment my you are bigger then my husband...turned to my wife and grinned.

Kris started to stroke my cock and then went down and started to lick up and down teh shaft. Ohh that felt good and it really turned me on that my wife was watching. Kirs licked up and down then around the balls and then up and down some more. She then put my swollen head into her mouth...ohhh mahn that felt really good. I was almost ready to burst right there. SHe popped up and said let's go to the bedroom!

I jumped up took off my clothes threw them on the floor grabbed my wifes hand and we all headed to the bedroom.

Kris took off her clothers and promptly greeted me with a big kiss with her tounge in and out of my mouth. I started to squeeze her butt cheecks and then my fingers found there way to her sopping wet pussy. I started to rub her clit and she moaned. up and down and around. Her pussy was soaked.

Kris then laid on the bed with her legs spread wide. I saw the glistening of her beautiful pussy begging me to fuck her. Kris told me to fuck her. I said not yet. I went down and started to lick around her lips and then dart my tounge in and out of her pussy. I heard my wife move around in the back of me I noticed she started rubbing her pussy alittle. That is when I motined her over...I told her to help me. To my surprise she did. She was licking around the pussy with me. That was hot. I then moved out of the way as she continued to suck and lick Kris' pussy. I went to the other end and stuck my cock in Kris' mouth. It was a real turn on having Kris suck my cock hard and watching my wife eat her out.

Kris then started to moan loud and said she wants my cock inside her. I went on the other side of the bed and started to fuck her. I thrust my cock deep inside and she moaned loud. "My God that is deep" I pulled out and continued to fuck her pussy with long deep thrusts. My wife was watching all of this. We continued this for a few more minutes. I then motioned my wife over and tolder her to lick my cock and Kris' pussy as I fuck Kris. She started licking my shaft as it came out of Kris' pussy and then she started to lickeverywhere. She stratled Kris body and then I noticed Kris was eating out my wife. That was hot it was something you would see in a movie. BOth woman started to moan loudly. My wife started to arch her back and Kris stiffend up and you know they were both coming at the same time. God that was the best thing I have ever seen. I then started getting tha feeling coming from my anklse I could feel the build up I thrusted harder and harder into Kris' pussy. Istarted to maon and moan then as I was about to explode I pulled my cock out and my wife put it in her mouth and sucked it dry. Wow that was fantastic. I never felt anything like that before in my life. She swalloed it all too.

We all laid ther for a minute to catch out breath. Had a few more drinks that evening and Kris left for home. She said not to tell her husband about any of this. I thanked her and she left. My wife and I had amazing sex after that too. I hope some of these surprises continue.

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