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2/14/2006 10:53 am

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We participate in the manitoba chat room. We went to alot of the Bar meets, heck before studly and I (dawn) got together I was organising them!
But now it seems there is alot of garbage being said and done to people in the room and behind people's back's in msn. I don;t get it. We have made alot of friends from here but apparently there are alot of children around as well.
Also now this means that we (stud and will not be able to go to any of the group meets any more because the last thing we want or need is for people to be talking about us.
So this is for all you assholes who cant keep your mouthes shut and stop rumor mongering and or starting bull shit about me my friends or ANYONE on here. GROW UP stop acting like a child. and if you ust act like child then go play in the school yard with your true peers, because I am tired of trying to fix the messes you make!
thanks for listening to my bitching

fantaisiste2005 51M/49F

2/15/2006 2:29 pm

Dawn, we could not have said it better.

I am trying to get my wife in the dark side but with all that goes on, she is a bit scared... Who could blame her...

Skip n his better half...

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