Sunday, 2nd of October, 2004  

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Sunday, 2nd of October, 2004

Well, here it is, Sunday, the day of rest (or so they say, lol), and lets just say, that the weekend was pretty uneventful. This has been my first whole weekend off in quite some time, and I have lived it up to the fullest. I have done absolutely NOTHING!

Recently, I have been wanting to be involved in a MFM threesome. I, of course, would be fulled dressed, and would love for the woman to help me getted all dressed up (including make-up). Then both of us ladies come out, making the guy hard, just by seeing us. Both of us would then sit on each side of the man, and then gently start to rub on the man's thigh, slowly moving our way up. We both would then start rubbing on his cock, while slowing starting to undue his pants. Then, reaching inside his pants, we grab hold of his love wand and start to caress it. Then removing his pants altogether, I slowly move in front of him, kissing and licking his thighs. I then slowly work my way up, until I get to his cock. I take my tongue and gently run it up and down his shaft, while, from behind, then female has put on her strap-on and is slowly starting to fuck my ass. With each of her thrusts, it pushes me forward, making me take all of his cock in my mouth. Faster and deeper she goes, until, he finally blow his load. Then they change positions, and now I am eating her out, while he is behind me, fucking me hard. We do this all night long, until everyone has a big smile on their face..

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