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I can’t believe I am writing this, but here goes! My fantasy about Alyssa and me.

We met online, at one of the sex sites ( Out first meeting up like this wasn’t for sex, but she wanted to meet me. In other words, she is the one who wrote me, not I to her! Further, she wanted to met me in the flesh, for she lived not 50 miles away from where I lived.

I looked her up on the web and found that she was stunningly beautiful! 25 years old, white, 5’ 5”, green eyes, brown hair, and gorgeous. She wanted to meet ME? I couldn’t believe it. I, suffering from a divorce, a massive stroke and 48 years to boot, am “attractive” to a young and vivacious girl? She read my take on things like the stroke and 48 years in my profile on the web. To boot, in her pictures online, she is undressed, nude, resting there with her breasts, so supple, and her vagina, so warm. I immediately took the pictures and have installed them as my desktop background on my computer! You know, I have never thought that I would be attractive to a young girl like this!

In our emails, she decided to come on down to my city, so I decided on the coffee shop down the street. I stepped out of my house, onto the sidewalk, and walked to to the coffee shop just up about four blocks. Yes, I can walk, though not run. I have this brace around the foot and calf, so walking is such an enjoyment for me. I don’t have a car because now, I can’t drive one. I shall explain, perhaps, in a future post. The transit bus is the only thing I am able to take (or one of me few buddies who will drive me in their car). Anyway, I arrive at the coffee shop.

It doesn’t take her long to arrive at coffee shop. She has a cool car, white, two-seater, top down. I open the car door for her and she steps out. Oh, the vision of lovelyness! She is dressed in a shirt that has little flowers on it. The pants are beige and are low cut, revealing her middle region. I think she is wearing underwear, a bra and panties, but this is a first meeting, and I don’t know how it will go, so slow down and I will make it thru fine.

“Hi, there Alyssa.”

“Hi,” she said. “So this is what you look like, huh?”

Stunned, I said, “Sorry.”

"Sorry! No, no, I am pleased with what I see.”

Walking to the coffee shop, I said, “Well, I am certainly pleased with you. You are gorgeous!”

“Thank you.”

I ordered coffee for the two of us, a double latte for her, and just a black coffee for me. We go and sit down, on opposite sides of the small table. “Did it take you some doing to get out here, I mean, you didn’t have to go under cover, did you,” I said.

“Oh, no, I didn’t. I shall go where I want to, whenever I want to. My parents don’t care as long as I don’t go out and get into a terrible accident! I want to move.”

“So your parent’s don’t know about you getting on some sex sites?”

“Absolutely not! Of course, I have a computer in my bedroom, and they are not to touch it, along with the rest of my stuff. Excuse me for asking you this but, I don’t see anything wrong with you except the arm and, I suppose the leg. Is that all, or no?”

“Well, you are mostly right. My brain is what troubles me. I can never tell what is going to come out of my month until I say it! Somedays you wouldn’t be able to tell except for slowness of speech, other days, well, who knows. My brain is, shall I say it, my brain is farting most of the time!”

She laughed, and then I laughed.

“So you don’t mind it when you are here with a 48 year old!”

“Oh, no! Number one, you don’t look 48, and number two, I like you’re age. I makes me want to, well, cuddle you.”

She smiled.

“You know,” I said, “this table is not so good. Do you mind if I sit next to you...close...I mean really close?” I said that, not knowing how she would react. I say this with a rasping voice it seems too, because I could barely get it out of my mouth, so nervous was I.

She paused what seemed an eternality. I am sure she was thinking about going, to get out of the place with me not following her. What was I to do? It had come out of my mouth without thinking about it! Oh, I hope she says yes, but I fear thar she will say no.

Her pause was only seconds, and she said “I was hoping you’d say that. Sit right here,” pointing so close.

I got up and sat down, right beside her. My leg touched hers, and I quivered, though not noticeable. “Thanks,” I said. “So, what do you like about”

“Oh, I like it. You know, the sexy stuff can really hit you between the eyes, and I am loving it. You?”

“Yes, I know what you mean. I really get, well, you know...hard at the sites I see on the net.”

“Oh, yes. I get so wet.”

This is what I wanted! I think I was hitting a home run! I had better calm down, though. No sense telling her that I wanted to fuck her. Not yet, anyway. I placed my one good hand onto her thigh. She didn’t bat a eye, so I moved it ever so slowly, tho not quite going to the vagina. I just wanted to know whether she would let me touch her there.

Her eyes meet mine in a loving way, so I moved my hand towards her pussy. She opened her legs slightly. Still smiling. I rubbed her pussy, tho not to where anybody else in this coffee house could see us. I said, “Shall we go to another place?” She knew what I was asking for.

“Sure. Where?”

Now that was something that I had no plans for. I thought she wouldn’t bite when it came to having sex, but was I wrong here! “Wow! You know, I don’t know where we should go,”

“Do you have any money?”

“No, I don’t. At least not yet.”

“Yet? Why is that?”

“Still haven’t freed up my money regarding the divorce. No money, no car, nothing!”

“Why don’t we go to the water, the Sound, where it is quite and, hopefully, calm?”

I thought that was a good idea. As a matter of fact, I would have said yes to anything because I loved this girl and wanted to fuck her. So I said, “then lets go!” so we got up, went outside, opened the car door for her and, before she got in, planted a good kiss on her lips. She turned to face me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. Then I played with frenching her, and she parted her lips, stuck out the tongue and the two of our tongues played gymnastics, rolling on each other. I placed my hand to her butt, still french kissing. We stopped just long enough to each of us say that we loved each other! Then kissed again.

We got in the car and off to the beach we go!

As she drove, my eyes couldn’t help it, I kept them staring at her. She was dashing the way that she drove the car, always 10 miles above the speed limit and no cops pulling her over. The hair flowed to the back because of the wind, slightly blowing and, when in the car, was blowing faster. Her breasts were something to behold, they stood out, though the bra seemed to not lift, just give support. Yet the slight swaying of the car made her breasts to slightly sway to. Her tummy was flat yet round, being tightly firmed by, what seemed as the spa. Down in the neither regions, the butt and vagina, though waiting for me (it seemed, at least) was covered over by the pants. The legs are firm, almost muscular yet dainty and sweet to the touch. Yes, I couldn’t help but go over the lusty form sitting next to me in the car.

We talked about her time in her city, and talked about me and the time I had with a stroke. Then it turned to sexier subjects, like do I do it in the bathroom? I said, “you mean masterbate?”


“Yea, standing in front of the toilet. Do you masterbate?”

“Oh, yes. In the bathroom and anywhere in the house when no one is there. I even did it out back, in our yard! The fact that people could be watching made me cum even faster!”

I didn’t think I would ever here her say masterbate or even cum. I could not believe that this girl would have me! I am old and a stroke victim, how much worse can you get? Yet the sexy talk coming from her wonderful lips, so moist, stunned me, (who was raised in as conservative home as ever there could be!) I’m taking sex with a beautiful girl. Chris, snap out of it! Go for the gusto. Go for fucking her! To fuck her is, somewhat, to love her, as I so want to do this!

We had gotten to the beach, the waves, though not strong, as with an ocean, splashed up the little rocks. The sky was beautiful, not a cloud in it. I turned, started to almost stare at Alyssa. Then I moved forward, my left hand supporting me as I leaned over to her face and kissed. I opened my mouth, she opened hers, and we french kissed, our tongues basking together as they twisted and rolled.

Alyssa, then ever so slowly, moved her hand to my crotch, messaging my penis, which was hard. That little move practically sent me through the roof, almost making me cum., but it didn’t. I so wanted to take my right hand, move it towards her, cupping the breast in my hand, messaging it, caressing the almost love that poured out from her, but I couldn’t! The hand was listless, paralyzed. “Do you mind if we get out of the car and go sit on the beach where we can be alone and reveal in one anothers love?” I said that without thinking, not knowing what her reaction is going to be, so backwards was I. I shouldn’t have said “love,” but I did. Oh, I loved her as no one else, but I shouldn’t have said it because she might not feel the same way!

She kissed me, removed her hand from my crotch, and got out of the car. I did the same. We walked the 30 or so feet, the sand almost ticking our feet if we had no shoes on! “Chris?” she said.


“I want you to lie down here, back up against the sand, and I will do for you what has never begun to be done for you ever!”

That’s right! No one but my old wife had ever done something sexual on me. Never! Could Alyssa know? My teen years was never fulfilled. I had remained a virgin ‘til I was married. Oh, the opportunities would come, yet go. I could never work up the courage to even ask them out on a date, much less fuck them. Yet, here I was, lying down, starring at the vision before me, about to be fucked.

She removed her top, revealing the white-laced bra underneath. She reached around behind herself and un-clasped the bra, letting it fall to the ground. Her breasts were beautiful, the red rose and the nipple, ah, I want to squeeze them, run my fingers across that nipple so it became hard. Low and behold, as she cupped her breasts, the nipples were hard! She played with them, pinching the nipples.

Then she removed her pants, revealing her white thong. Throwing the pants away, she then stepped out of the panties, revealing the soft hairy mound of her cunt. She un-fastened my pants, unzipped them, and took them off. Then she took off my boxer shorts, revealing the erect cock. I tried to touch her, but she said no. She wanted to do this for me. “You can do me the next time we get together!”

The next time?

She kneels down, just facing my cock, and she begins to stroke my groin, though not my erect penis. She comes closer to it, then slides downward to the balls. She takes the balls and begins playing with them, each ball receiving her electrifying touch. Then she moves toward the pubic region, my hair and the base of my cock, not touching the cock, but coming awful close. She massages the area around the cock, and I am enjoying it, my cock leaking a little pre-cum.

She now moves in the 69 position, her twat is so inviting that I take my one good hand, seperating the labia, and revealing the clit, so delectible and growing harder and harder. I move my mouth across the clit, swishing to the left and then to the right. I roam my tongue around and then suck on that organ that will make her body shudder when it comes time to cum. I move my tongue into her cunt, wafting in almost the waves of wetness, in and out, then in and out again only to return to the clit, the wetness all around her pubic region.

South of my position, she has taken hold of the lower shaft of my cock and is rocking it, her other hand is on the balls, loving each one of them. Then with one hand, started up the shaft, reached the head. It was slow stroking, and with a finger, played with the piss hole, started to go round and round the hole. I was just about to cum when she started again rubbing the shaft. She spit on the dick, then began to lower her head, just kissing my head, rolling her tongue around it. She put the head into her mouth, then lowered her head so much that I felt, in my cock, the back of her throat. Oh, it felt good, better than good, almost glorious! Back and forth, slowly, she rocked up and down the shalf, then the head, then back, over and over. My hips felt like oozing jelly, so much so that, again, my cum began to rise in my penis.

She stopped, and turned around, facing me, with her hips in line with mine, she said “are you enjoying this?”

“Oh, I am so ready to cum in you. Make me cum inside your pussy, please. I can’t stand it!”

Her hands found the almost cuming baby of my dick, and she lower herself, enveloping her soft and wet vagina, all the way! She shuddered as she moved up and down repeatedly, and more and more faster. The sweat was on every inch of our bodies. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down, faster and faster. Her eyes were closed as she felt the shaft rubbing inside her cunt, rubbing so hard.

It didn’t take me long as it should have, I wanted to go on an on, but I finally started to cum inside of her pussy. Each squrit made me cum even better, one squrit after another. Now she began to moan, moan louder and louder. I think she is about to cum too. She begins to have her head bob up and down, the moans are gettings loud, turning into, almost, cries. Cry of pleasure it is, for she cums, what seems like an eternity! We both cum, I a little bit before her, but just a little! We cum together in what seduction and love are all about!

She presses her body on mine, the tummy, the breasts all sweaty and all against me. “You...know?” I said in a hesitating voice due to shooting my load of cum.

She looked up at me, smiling.

“I love you more than anyone!”

She kissed me, her soft lips grazing mine. Is this how it is, to take a person for a fuck, and end up in love? That is how I thought about it. Maybe I was totally wrong, but she had said “next time,” that is for sure! A 25 year old making love to a 48 year old. Is it possible that she loves me? No, she doesn’t. Maybe she likes me, but not love. No. She lay her head, placing it on my chest. I won’t ask her now. Maybe at that next meeting we will talk the feelings of like and love.

My cock shriveled and fell out of her pussy. It is nice that we can be together, to have her is more special to me than cuming!

Well, almost!

Such was my fantasy.

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