Warning! warning!  

Straycatsetsuko 61F
8/22/2005 6:16 am
Warning! warning!

Look out for Manaman1944. Seems when I told him we weren't a match because I fought developers was an infringement of his rights. Well, I kinda felt like my rights were infringed when I was evicted for a new development, but that apparently doesn't matter. I hope the animals he displaced in his career of habitat destruction die in the walls of his house.

Ladies, this guy said I infringed on his rights when I was evicted for his financial gain. How will he treat you when it comes to other things? You might consider looking at that before getting involved with him.

He said he had the last word, but I blog. I'm also a published writer....

iluvjbsinaz 55M

9/11/2005 10:48 am

I think nature will have the last word when our oil dependent economy comes crashing down. More and more development, more and more urban sprawl, despite the very real fact that the world's oil supply will be depleted, despite the very real facts of global warming, spreading air pollution and the loss of biodiversity on this planet.

Sorry, but today is rant day.

Published??? May I ask where? I'm sure I may, but would you answer?

Have fun!

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