The insomniac muddles through her day  

Straycatsetsuko 61F
10/8/2005 2:33 pm
The insomniac muddles through her day

Procrastinating again. Thinking about making another batch of soap. Busy season's coming up. Thinking about the Rockdancer. He's home, now, he said he couldn't deal with the vigil, and sounded awful.

It's his former MIL. Rockdancer is a lifer, like I am. Married in the neighborhood of 20 years. I was married 26, so I understand that this person slipping away is meaningful to him. I cared for my MIL until her death, even though Ex had filed against me. I know where he's coming from with this. Hate to see him go through it, though. All these losses are in the past for me, and I see my friends going through them, and wonder if I was that disoriented, too.

Well, I can only be there for him.

Cold in here. I guess it's time to start lighting evening fires. 

Wait to see if he's coming tonight, maybe show him hot process? Yeah. It'll take his mind off the crap. Yeah, I'll do that.

Gotta go set out oils to warm.

And the casters for the washer aren't going to find themselves, more's the pity.

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