Straycat Setsuko, and where it came from  

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10/23/2005 9:25 am

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Straycat Setsuko, and where it came from

Enough people have asked me where my handle came from, so here you go. Mind you, I'm typing around Moe, another rescue.

Most of my life, but most intensely in the Fruitvale section of Oakland, I did animal rescue, specializing in cats. I've had about everything through my house. Birds (that was a trip with a bunch of cats), reptiles, dogs, I've had it at one point or another. A word to the wise: If you find a wounded bobcat, call a ranger. Don't ask how I know. That's a whole 'nother blog.

Well, anyway, I'm doing this rescue. I got word this guy I knew since kindergarten, a Japanese guy, was in need of a bone marrow donor, so I went into the Asian community, looking for a match, because I'm an idiot. Even talked a friend in Japan and her husband into getting screened. There were actually 2 potential matches out of Japan, but he was too weak by then to have the treatment, and my friend passed away. The world lost a great human being.

This all ties in, honest.

About that time, there was a fine-boned cat with turkish van markings (white, but had holes in her leotard that showed stripey) coming around my place, eating at the feeding station I had for my feral colony. I couldn't tell if she was pregnant, kinda looked like maybe, but I wasn't sure.

My mom sent me my friend's obit, and I found out his mom had a Japanese name of Setsuko. See where this is leading?

I trapped the cat, fed her, without thinking, took her to work the next day, I was a vet tech, and got her spayed and tested. I didn't realize until I was prepping her for surgery that she might have just delivered kittens, but she had no milk. When the uterus was delivered, it was confirmed. I didn't look for kittens, because she didn't have any milk 16 hours later, it probably never came in, and those kittens might have been born dead.

Took her home, spent the next 4 nights up with her, feeding her with a baby med syringe, and carrying her to the litterbox. The surgery had weakened her, and she was already in bad shape.

I had wanted to honor my friend in one way or another. He and his family had been good to us, not just the typical Japanese politeness, but very good people. I didn't know what to do. When it seemed clear she was going to live, I tried the mom's name on her. Setsuko. She raised her head.

Next day, I was out in the living room, the cat was in the back of a closet to recover, but I tried it again. Didn't even say it loud. She made her wobbly way out to the living room. She had taken the name.

Setsuko still lives with my ex husband in Oakland. She's getting up there, about 9 years old, but is a good girl, if still a little on the weird side.

finely_aged 69M
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10/24/2005 10:45 am

I must say...You are one exceptional woman. To do what you do, the love you have for the little creature's of God, definately qualifies as "above and beyond". I'm sure your friend watches over you from above. Have a great day, and take care!

xxxhandyman4u2 55M

10/25/2005 1:24 pm

I wanna hear about the Bobkitty ......I know its gonna be good.... LOL

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