Still grumpy  

Straycatsetsuko 61F
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3/22/2006 1:53 pm
Still grumpy

FYI, it took 3 hours, and 27 downloads to do my taxes. STill not filed. Pain in the patoot.

I got up this morning, far to grumpy to go to work. Got a headache that comes with my moon cycle. Don't know why I still have that--gonna be 51 soon, Haven't been able to have kids since I was 27, but at least part of my body is in age denial. Ick.

Went to tell the production manager my head hurt, fire up the board washer again, and I'll go postal. He starts calling my attendance iffy. I've been there more days than the line lead, but my attendance is iffy. I lost it, told him if he wants to fire me, cool, stop threatening me with my job and do it. Well? He just sent me home. See me tomorrow.

Seems all I can say to people these days is shit or go blind. Stop talking and do something about it, whatever it is.

There's a guy I used to date checking my profile and reading my blog. A friend says oh, boy, he thinks he screwed up. He did. What can I say? One ride on this train. Sorry, dude. I don't take kindly to getting dumped after dating for 4 months. Don't wanna use the a-hole word here, but it does seem to apply.

The married guitarist is still trying. Another person I told to figure it out. Man! only thing he's figured out is he hates where he is, and wants to tumble me. No wonder I've got a headache.

Okay, off to the CVS for more advil.

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