Nothing better than a storm  

Straycatsetsuko 61F
7/16/2005 8:15 am
Nothing better than a storm

I met a mountain man through this site, a rockdancer. He loves to climb rocks. This man is absolutely gorgeous, intelligent face, nice arms, cute ass, and hands....hands....talented hands. He can fix about anything, a contractor at heart, but what those hands can do to a woman....Kisses....lusty kisses. Whooo Hoooooo!

I met him Fourth of July. He came and sat on my deck. We talked, and talked, and talked. Ended up with our own fireworks. I've been seeing him a few times a week since then, the all of maybe 2 weeks we've known each other.

He came by last night. We talked for a while, burned one, then it clouded up, started raining, we went inside. He started looking at my fireplace and chimney, getting into the airflows and such. I heard thunder rumbling in the distance. He's carrying on about my fireplace, wants to look at the cleanout, etc, when I grab him. Thunder rumbles closer by. I kiss him to distract him from the idiot fireplace, I got better things to do during a storm.

The thunder gets louder as he responds to me, as my hands run up and down his back, as he goes under my shirt. Sex during a storm--YES!

Backed into the bedroom, we start disrobing each other, he's hard, hard. He reaches between my thighs, "oooh, you're hot!" I sit on the bed and pull him down. Lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, he slides between my legs. It starts to rain hard as he enters me. His hands on me...thunder, as he plumbs me. Harder, faster, the storm over us, thunder lightening, my legs in the air, flash of lightening, he moans. His mouth fastens on mine...the rain gets harder, his arrows more intense, more urgent...Roll of thunder... I cry out, he moves faster...he cries out. Thunder, the pound of rain, the sound of bodies together as we both climax with the storm--lightening, thunder, rain, in the room with us, we are the storm.

His mouth on mine as the sweet pain subsides. We move more slowly, making it last. Thunder in the distance now...We collapse in each others arms.

It is said that at the moment of the clouds and the rain we are one with the gods....

SexualBrain 56M

9/29/2005 5:58 pm

The Rain Storm

The rain cascades over your windshield and you can hear the drops hit the metal roof so hard that it drowns out the radio. A wild abandon had overcome you for some reason on this gloomy day where it had rained all day. You had finally had enough and decided it was time for a drive just to get out of the house. And now as you navigate your way down the narrow street and cross over the dam, you slow down as the water wells up and sounds like it's about to come through the bottom of the car. Just ahead, you can see a figure by the side of the road. Surely there's no way a person could possibly be out in this kind of weather. But as you get closer, it becomes more clear that there is indeed a man standing on the side of the road

As the car gets closer, my hopes begin to increase that you might actually be the person to stop and give me a ride, give me at least a few minutes solace from the non-stop downpour from the heavens. And as you slowly pass, my hope fades away. Until I see the brake lights and the car stop. You wonder what the hell you're doing, picking up a stranger on some road you aren't even sure about. But you can't stand the thought of some poor guy drowning in a sea of water falling from the sky, so you anxiously sit and wait for me to appear at your passenger window. You see my face looking at you through the window and you're pleasantly surprised

I'm happy that the stranger that decided to give me a break is one of such beauty, and as I open the door and step inside, I'm even more pleased, noticing the short little skirt you have on, and the thin shirt just barely hiding your hard nipples underneath. You notice my eyes wandering down to them and to my surprise, rather than being offended, you simply step on the gas and we begin to travel. I introduce myself, "My name is Jim, it sure is a good thing you came along, I thought I was going to drown!" You say, "Nice to meet you Jim, I normally don't pick up hitchhikers but under these circumstances I just couldn't see leaving anyone out in this" ... We laugh and begin discussing such small things as why I was out on the road, and why you were driving around. Pleased with the conversation, neither of us minds the ride, and my eyes won't stop looking over your body. I can feel the excitement growing in my pants each time I look at you and see a little more of your leg coming from under your skirt

As you have been listening to the conversation, you've noticed my eyes roaming. It's been a long time since anyone has paid that kind of attention to you, and now you know the reason you picked this particular outfit to wear on a seemingly pointless ride. As you talk, you are very careful to slowly caress your leg with your hand, slowly sliding the skirt up a little more, sure that I'm wondering what might be underneath. You can feel the wetness growing between your legs and you can't help but notice the bulge in the crotch of my soaking jeans

Feeling a bit bolder, I decide that it has been long enough. I finally reach over and gently put my hand on your leg and begin to slide it up into your skirt. I notice your eyes slightly close and your lips open as you feel my fingers just brush the hair of your moist mound. You moan a little louder as you feel my finger slowly begin to rub your clit and I can feel the warm wetness of your excitement as it builds. I lean further over and begin to rub a little harder as I softly begin to kiss your neck. The warmth of my tongue on your neck sends shivers up your spine as my finger continues to rub your clit in circles. I whisper in your ear ... I am soooo happy and horny that it was you who picked me up on this night ...You, respond by spreading your legs further and I slowly dip my finger DEEP inside you. I feel your pussy muscles wrap around my finger as I work it in and out of you again and again. I slowly move my way down your neck and caress your soft shoulders with my tongue

The heat from my breath and the feel of my finger once again rubbing your clit is almost more than you can stand. It takes all your concentration just to keep the car on the slick road as you feel the tingle growing more intense deep inside you. You spread your legs even more, allowing me to fully rub your aching pussy, almost begging me to make you cum. I oblige by rubbing you harder now, slowly in small hard circles, my fingertip making you wetter with each stroke. Your breathing speeds up and you are moaning now. Your desire is building, along with your intense orgasm. My teeth feel so good as I slightly bite at your shoulder. You lean your head back, gripping the wheel tightly as the intense shock wave runs through your entire body. Almost screaming, you feel the orgasm rock you, and you arch your back and grind your hips in time with my finger rubbing you. Your legs are weak and your entire body shakes now as you slowly pull off to the side of the road

You cant hold back as you slide your hand down and grab my rock hard cock through my jeans. By the look in your eyes, I can tell you want it more than you've ever wanted anything. To your surprise, I open the door and step outside. You watch as I begin to take my shirt off. You are more turned on now than you were with my hand between your legs as you watch me undress, the rain cascading over my half naked body. Your eyes move down as you watch the jeans come down, and you cant help but grin as you see the large rock hard cock standing at full attention. Fuck it, you think to yourself as you get out and come to me. My mouth is on you, kissing your lips hard as you taste my hot tongue mixed with the cool rain on my lips. As we kiss passionately, you are immediately soaked, your thin shirt showing your ample tits completely

I am overcome with desire as I grab your shirt and rip it open. You moan loudly as you feel my hot mouth on your hard nipple sucking it hard, my teeth nibbling at it. I lean you back and lay you down on the hood of the car and yank your skirt up as I kiss my way down your wet naked body. You can feel the cold rain slamming against every inch of your body as my hands caress your tits all over. You soon forget it as you feel the hot tongue on your clit. I lick you furiously, eating your wet throbbing pussy like an animal, hungry for your juices. You begin to scream through the falling rain as you feel my fingers grab and pull your hard nipples, my fingernails digging into your beautiful tits

You then feel another wave tear through your body as I lick you harder with more intensity, begging to taste your sweet juices. You cant hold back as your entire body arches, and you begin to shake and slam your hands down on the hood of the car. Your moans of ecstasy echo around us as I work you all the way through the intense rush of pleasure and then come to you. You taste your own juices on my lips as I once again kiss you passionately. The rain cascades over our naked bodies as I grab your hair and pull you closer. You then feel my hard cock as I ram it deep inside your dripping wet pussy. You let out another scream of delight through our kiss as I work it hard in and out of you. Our bodies make wet slapping noises as I fuck you hard and rough, grinding into you, pushing my cock deeper with each stroke

Finally, I lay you completely down on the car and have my way with you, spreading your legs wide and pounding your pussy with my cock. You can feel my fingers digging into your calves as I push your legs wider, and you watch as I continue to ram my cock deep inside you over and over again, each stroke harder than the last. You watch as my face fills with ecstasy, and I throw my head back. The rain cascades and drips down my naked body. My moans get louder and I feel your tight pussy wrap around my cock and squeeze harder. I feel my orgasm building, the head of my cock tingling to the point of pain

You suddenly come up and push me back, taking my cock deep into your throat, sucking it hard and running your hand up and down the shaft. Taking my balls into your hand, you suck harder now and pull my cock from your mouth. You move your hand back and forth harder and faster and feel the momentary warmth of my cum cover your tits. As quickly as it hits, the rain washes it away, but you take my cock back into your mouth, licking every sweet drop of juice from it. You come back up and we kiss again, not believing what just happened. Was it fate that put us in this spot at this time? Just dumb luck? It doesn't matter because we are both wet and ready for a shower. Maybe you shouldn't go back to that empty house alone. Perhaps a shower is just what you need. Just what we need.

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