It took my breath away  

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1/10/2006 3:40 pm

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It took my breath away

Yuppers. That deep breath of flux about 3 this afternoon has me still gasping for breath at quarter after 6. This sucker is in for the long haul. Gotta love asthma when the weather changes.I'm down for the count tonight.

The Tank and I have been having the luck of the Slovak getting together. It finally happened Saturday night, after a blow out on Ohio 11-south. I was headed to his place, called him from Calcutta, OH, slightly more than a wide spot in the road. Miraculously, the rim was okay, but the tire was definitely history. Looks like the belt went first. Thank the Cosmic Muffin it was a back tire. That woulda been right nasty if it had been a front tire.

So, Tank shows up at the BP I was stranded at (no jack. Gotta get one of those), with a floor jack, and helps me put on my donut. I followed him back to his house.

Like me, he lives halfway out in a cornfield. His place isn't quite as private as mine. He has the same number of rooms, but my house can fit in his living room and kitchen.He's also got a basement, unlike those of us on the swamp.

He has 2 dogs, and they like to chase and kill cats, I understand. They didn't do that to me (those of you not following my blog, I have 6 cats, and essence of cat probably permeates my very being), and, in fact, one about took up residence on my lap. They're both a little too big for that....

We had a good visit. He's a good guy, even if he likes to stay up late. I would have been okay with it if I'd had Saturday off, but, at 4:30 Sunday morning, I was telling him I"d gotten up at 5:30 Saturday morning, and it would be so nice to examine the backs of my eyelids.

I traded him something I won't name here for a new tire. (No, it's not what resides between my legs.) We had lunch at Ponderosa, I had the salad bar, as usual. I went home shortly after, the trip uneventful.

Went to work on MOnday. BAck to the coal mine.

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