Happy 25 March!  

Straycatsetsuko 61F
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3/25/2006 8:19 am
Happy 25 March!

YAY!!! IT'S SPRING!!!! Whaddaya mean, there are snow showers outside?

Cats want to go out. Too bad. I let them out, Guys, it's ugly out there...They came back in, turn that off. You can turn off the one in the bathroom, why not this one? Yeah, well, I've got a boss, too, and mine is the lady who runs what happens outside these walls. The young one, Amadeo, is outside. Probably in the garage, sitting on my car.

Yes, I use my garage for my car. Imagine.

And so, it is another fine weekend of paying bills, crunching numbers, finding out how little money I have to pay the gas company, Amex, and the hospital I went to last year for a chemical inhalation. That story is a whole 'nother blog.

Gotta score more firewood. I'm out. Make more soap. Gotta find another connexion for homebrew. I'm running out of shampoo, and homebrew makes much better shampoo than the store bought variety. Maybe check out the grocery store. I can see myself standing by the beer fridge, looking at the bottoms of bottles for sediment. Won't be the first time they gave me weird looks there.

The guitarist is making noise about coming by. Wanna hear from my dragon friend, I missed him yesterday (you know who you are). More online job hunting. I hate job hunting. I so wanted to stay where I am, but those folks too weird for me. Seems my problem is I don't screw around at work. Well, part of the problem. The rest of the problem is I will only own my mistakes, and I've done too much in my decidedly wasted life, and some people are jealous of that. Yeah, well, and they have medical insurance, a solid work history, and probably a retirement. And a much newer car.

It's only life...

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