A catalog of men I can fuck  

Straycatsetsuko 61F
4/9/2005 2:19 pm
A catalog of men I can fuck

I just love intimate encounter type websites on the net. It's like a catalog. Look at all the guys I can fuck. Okay, that one's kinda cute, looks interesting. Oopsie, into anal. oh, well. Oh, look, he's got nice biceps. He looks interesting. Shit. Married. Poop.

I spent about an hour this morning, looking at the catalog. Page after page, winking at one or another, reading profiles, checking out their specs.

I turned off the computer, wondering where any of this will go, and went to lie down. Propped on pillows, under a warm comforter, thinking about men and sex. Sex and men. And wanting to get laid.

My mind starts playing games with me. Getting laid. Hands on me, lips soft at first, then becoming more demanding, a tongue thrust into my mouth to suck on. Hands up my shirt.

Hair curling around my fingers as my hands slide up a chest, nibbling at a neck, breathing in my ear. Clothing disappears. Bent back under a faceless man, I feel myself on the bed, weight on me, breathing heavy, the scent of a man in my nostrils.

fingers caress, stroke, send ripples through my body. Tongue down my chest, in my navel, teasing my pleasure center. A dick to suck....

A dick slides into me, gently, smoothly, warmly. My hips grind. Deeper, deeper. Hands on me, breath in my ear, the scents of man and woman, of sex, love.

Hips abandon the grind and arch up, meeting his thrusts. Deeper, harder, faster, arching up to meet him, staying arched, feeling the hard penetration, then....

Explosion! Fireworks! Insanity! I feel him shoot into me. Long strokes, deep strokes, a canon spraying inside me.

Slows and ebbs. Quiet, breathless recovery....


rm_mgcknt60 56M

4/10/2005 11:02 am

Nice, Hot and I'm sure lots of us feel the same way about the Catalog. keep up the good writing. Hopefully you'll get to live out your script, only with a nice face attached.

nastyoldguy40 76M

4/26/2005 2:43 pm

Very interesting writing style, and very thought provoking question at the end. The truth is you never will know until you put your toe in the water so to speak. I bet there are several men on your list of visitors who would enjoy pursuing you, but many won't until you give them the go ahead. Caution in this situation is commendable, but sometime you have to relent, give a wink, and say "let's explore this situation." Are you ready? Decision point.

Many of your sisters talk a tough game but won't pull the trigger - so to speak. Maybe that's why they are destined to wander through sites like this with no success.

BROC817 44M

6/26/2005 12:51 am

i think we can hook up im 6-3 160lbs with blue eyes and black hair ..most ladies say im very good looking .. i recently broke up with my 20 year old girl freind...west side cleveland and i dont like to sleep alone at night....can you help????

sadie43130 61M
1 post
6/26/2005 6:59 am

Very interesting...Brings a different light into all thoughts.....would like to be the one in these thoughts......

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