quiet nite and wishing someone was here  

StrangeSexFriend 47M
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3/6/2006 8:31 pm
quiet nite and wishing someone was here

lonely nite but not so bad....just wish someone was around....my little studio isn't very great for entertaining but its nice when friends come over....I have a lot to do with my life right now and relationships aren't really a part of the program but sometimes I just really want someone around....I guess when you've been married for seven years with kids an empty house can just be sort of a void sometimes....hard to fill with nothing but spare time....decided not to drink anything this evening....just want to unwind without it...talked to my friend that just moved to a new place and that was good....had Jacki over and she got me off then she took off...and here I am...lol...oh well, I came right? seems there should be more than that but I'm not really sure what I need these days...I'll be starting school in the future and trying to do something that way...some serious work on things might be more the right idea than what I'm doing lately....which isn't much all things considered, but anyway things could be worse. ttyl.

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