Friday night. BFD  

stormchaser689 49M  
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3/10/2006 6:06 pm
Friday night. BFD

Sitting in my hotel room alone. I have to work at 7 in the morning. So, Fridays don't mean much to me.

Thinking about last weekend at home. I pulled out the beads for Katrina. If you ladies haven't played with beads, I highly recommend them. Katrina likes to be up on her hands and knees with them inside her. Not sure why, but she seems to get off better that way.

The other night, I had the beads inside of her. I was licking her clit. She was soaking wet. I licked her ass and made it nice and wet, too. I was slowly pulling on the string of beads, running my tongue up and down her clit. Side to side, up and down. Holding it between my teeth and running my tongue all over it.

I put my finger in my mouth and made it wet. I put it up against her ass, but she said "no" She isn't a big fan of anal. I left it there, tickling her ass. My tongue continued to concentrate on her clit. She was moaning like crazy. I suddenly realized her feet were on my shoulders and my finger was slightly inside her asshole. I kept right up with her. Licking her clit. Running my tongue around in circles, up and down, gently pulling on the string of beads.

First bead popped out. She let out a moan. I sucked down hard on her clit. I felt the pressure of her feet on my shoulders as she arched up. My finger slipped a little further in her ass. I could feel the beads inside her pussy. I was licking madly at her clit. She lowered her ass further down on my finger. I tugged on the beads.

The second bead popped out. She screamed. I sucked on her clit again. Holding it between my teeth and running my tongue over it faster and faster. Still tugging on the string. My finger is now all the way in her ass. She has her feet planted firmly on my shoulders.

The third bead pops out. She screams. I suck down hard on her clit. She says the three magic words, "Oh, fuck me." I slowly pull my finger out of her ass. Then, I pull gently but firmly on the beads. The last two pop out. And, I slip in. Her pussy is drenching wet. I pump about three times hard inside of her pussy. I feel her legs go stiff. She starts screaming. Bucking up to meet my thrusts.

Wow. It was fun.

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