Hmm and other such thoughtful..... words? is "Hmm" in the dictionary?  

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7/30/2005 8:21 pm

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Hmm and other such thoughtful..... words? is "Hmm" in the dictionary?

Well all is queit on the western front. Basically meaning that my neighbors are making less noise than usual, course the only noise I ever hear is the rhythmic moaning and thumping of tantric love making. Course I'm usually on my roof looking at the moon when I hear this "melodious" sound come wafting across the fields.
No tonight I am not on my roof partly due to the fact that the general area has become prone to sudden and violent downpoors that leave one wondering weather or not it is infact possible to drowned while walking across one's yard. That and a 6'4" human makes an excellent target for lightning.

Since joining this site I have taken great pleasure in finding many remarkably attractive women more than willing to share a bed for the night or weekend as the case may be. But I often find myself wondering just how clean they may be. The outward symtoms of an STD are never readily apparent. More than once I have found my self looking at condom reliablilty statistics. Maybe the site should require an STD test submittal? Maybe not considering how private and sensitive such info is, but still it leavs you wondering just how safe it is to have fun with strangers...

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