Stellie 42M/37F
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4/12/2006 8:08 am

In the first instance missus would rather say "No" to meeting someone else, so many promises of a "good time" bladiebla...does not really interest her for she has a "good time" without inviting others..

Guess the interested party should be pretty damn convincing if he/she wants to join us.

Last night we were both very tired and it was getting late too, so, off to bed...cuddling, enjoying eachothers warmth and the feel of our naked bodies lying together under the covers but she wasnt tired enough to go to sleep just yet.

Told her my fingers were a bit cold though, so she showed me where i could put them to warm them up, hmmm, so nice to feel her already being moist...

I enjoy rubbing her clit lying close to her, my lips finding her nipple and softly sucking and licking her..."Take Your Time" is my motto.

Nothing feels nicer then feeling her get wetter and wetter, her lips parting, her pussy wanting to be filled but my finger not sliding in, yet...

Do that until she moans and gasps then quickly turn around and almost drown in her juices while i nibble her clit and she starts sucking my cock...boy, can she suck

Only when she cums hard and gets too sensitive to be licked, then and only then do i slide in her and take her, she doesnt mind taken hard & deep then.

And thats our basic every-day-up-and-down-sex

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