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Stellie 42M/37F
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11/1/2005 9:46 am

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Photography Help

One of our more personal hobbies would be erotic photography, she likes to dress up and pose and i like to watch, but then again, which man (besides stevie wonder) would not want to see a gorgeous female showing off her ass-ets?

Great fun together, and believe me when i tell i can still take a heck of a good picture eventhough my cock feels like it's about to explode (Concentrate Yoda)

The only problem (ha, problem..) would be the pics where she wants me to join in, in that case i have to use the whatchamacallit, "automatic shutter" or something...thing gives you 6 seconds to jump on her, slide in, and hope you're fast enough, not really ideal but still fun

A shared fantasy would be to let someone else take those pics, call me a lazy bastard grin..

Maybe, maybe, we'll let someone help us this weekend...that'll be interesting indeed

zoopc42 47M

11/1/2005 10:31 am

if I was close I would like nothing more then to help. but depending on your camera, you might have the option of a remote shutter trigger. they are made for slr cameras. if it is a digital slr then most definatly. if by chance it is a consumer digital then your options are more limited but still there is a way. some have a plunger shutter release on older slr cameras.

the problem with jumping in the shot is almost always you are looking at the camera when it goes off. not nateral but inevitble

Stellie 42M/37F

11/1/2005 11:42 am

It's an older consumer olympus digital cam, we looked for options too but for that model unfortunately no options besides the standard shutter release, so, guess we'll have to make do with what we've got or would lesbianpersonals spring for a newer model? Heck, a digital videorecorder would be even better

The one time i jumped into the shot AND looked at the camera i tripped and banged my forehead on the table, that pic was deleted, emptied from the recyclebin and the harddrive was formatted using NSA-standards, all to avoid sharing THAT learning-experience with the rest of the world, i've learned to look at what i'm diving towards although it was via the hard way.

rompeculo2007 31M
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2/14/2006 2:07 pm

hello mi nomber ta amaury bo por kere cu nos por conose otro of papia algun dia mi ta viva na orajestad y mi tin 21 y mi msn ta AdultFriendFinder si bo quier conosemi of papia cumi
ok duchi bota

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