Ohhh...a blog virgin...  

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10/31/2005 11:53 am

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Ohhh...a blog virgin...

Is it a good idea to start a blog on a monday...hm, probably not, but kudos for starting something on a day i'm most likely to do the least possible.

According to my therapist i should come up with one positive thing every day, well...

I had a great weekend

Last weekend we were supposed to meet up with a tourist at the mill but my wife didnt feel like it, she wanted to spend her attention on me, who am i to complain then?
Needless to say *but i will anyway*, wow, even after almost 13 years we still drive eachother wild.

Nice was to see all the females, for once, look as sexy as mine, but at least mine doesnt have to dress slutty to look sexy 24/7...either love makes blind or i'm just blessed, and since i'm not typing on a keyboard for the blind...guess i'm blessed
It's nice to go out once in a while and behave like the teens we used to be millenia ago..great sex, grin, in the car, when we came back home...in the morning i felt her soft lips around my cock and let me tell you, THAT is THE way to wake up!

That afternoon i thanked profusely...i love oral sex so licking her till she came worked out for both of us, what happened after that i'll leave to your imagination.

Question is, why would a couple like us need a third party...well, factually, we don't. Girls that behave like they are the ones doing us a favor often end up somewhere, but not between my wife and me hehe

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