Ladies Choice- A fantasy fulfilled  

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5/30/2006 4:53 pm
Ladies Choice- A fantasy fulfilled

It’s getting late, but the place is still crowded for a Wednesday night. You’ve got a look of anticipation on your face, like you know what’s coming, but you’re playing coy. “When I pick him out, you don’t have any choice. That’s what we agreed on.”

“What are you talking about?” You asked me with something close to sincerity and shock.

“You know what I’m talking about. Your fantasy, the one you told me about during our dice game.”

You smile at me and all the tension leaves yourface and the room kind of settles in around us. It’s like that when we’re together in thought and action. Your, “I don’t know what you’re talking about game” is over before it began.

I scan the room as I approach the bar. “A lemon drop and a single malt over.” As the bar tender shakes her tip machine to the tune of “Hells Bells” it occurs to me that this could be my fantasy instead of, or along with yours. No, tonight isfor you and I’ll do my best to keep that way.

I know the physical look you are most often attracted to in a man. Maybe better than you know it yourself. As I turn to walk back to you with our drinks we are suddenly face to
face. He is shorter than me, about 5’ ‒ 10” with a build like a bull rider. His jaw was square like a charachter of himself. As I step aside we make eye contact and I’m practically frozen on the spot. His eyes are steel grey flecked with sparks of golden light. As he stepped by, he smiled with everything but those eyes.

Handing you your drink I nod toward him at the bar. “There’s your man Sheri, that rawboned cowboy. Don’t pretend you don’t see him.

I kiss you on the neck and whisper, “it’s now or never baby,this is what you wanted, now go get him.”

The demure smile you reserve for very special occasions fades from your countenance, replaced by a look look that could launch ships, start and end wars, drive men to previously unimagined greatness or foolery. With barely a sideways glance at me and a quickly uttered “thank you” you strut towards him. Your intentions are obvious to everyone around you, even the overgrown cheerleader who quickly cuts an angle away from you and your target.

I watched you grab his hand in yours and give it a firm shake, and he didn’t seem surprised when you planted that callused paw on your left tit and leaned into him. I couldn’t hear what you said. It didn’t matter because when you spun on your heel and headed for the door he was following as if in a trance. It was something to see all right. This man had power, strength and confidence in abundance and he was following you as if he had absolutely no choice. Of coursehe was right, he had no choice. No one knows that better than me.

We had taken separate cars and agreed that we would both arrive at our home at about the same time.. We also agreed that he would be advised of our arrangement. Part of your fantasy was to have the event recorded and as pleasurably painful as that task might be, I would be there to witness and video the action from start to finish.

I parked in front of the house next door just as you and your fantasy fuck unlocked and entered our front door. I went through the gate into the back yard and entered the house through the sliding patio door.

I could hear your voices from the front hall as I entered. More accurately, I heard indistinguishable words mixed with heavy breaths and the unmistakable sounds of clothing being removed in a frenzy.

I moved quickly to the guest suite, where I had secretly made my preparations earlier. The lighting was subtle and the hi-8 video camera was on the tripod ready to go. Speaking of tripods, as you led him into the room and I got a look at his cock my immediate thoughts were for the damage that thing could do to you. I almost laughed as that thought was replaced by “good for you baby, get all you can.”

He was obviously not the sort of man who was accustomed to being led, rather than leading and after spinning his back to the bed and shoving him onto it, you laughed and he chuckled despite his temporary embarrassment.

This was not the night for foreplay and he seemed to understand your immediate and full intent and you straddled him and plunged onto his massive cock. A full volume, part sigh, part scream erupted from your lungs, then you set into a rhythm as you began to ride him.

I never heard you say his name, you didn’t kiss him or offer him anything resembling tenderness. The staccato cadence of your hips crashing down on his groin was mesmerizing. I had to concentrate like a Zen master to maintain the focus of the camera and more importantly, my mind.

There would be no three play tonight. This was all about you getting fucked by a stranger in a way only a stranger can fuck. He was no virgin of full on, no limit banging, but he was loosing the battle and you knew it before he did. I always am amazed at the level of awareness you have for your partner, even as you approach the road to bliss.

He groaned in a purely involuntary reflex when you stood up, extricating yourself from his wet, pulsing member. You smiled sweetly at me as you walked to the other side of the room and leaned over the window sill. Arching your back and raising your hips, your offering lured the cowboy to you.

He plunged himself into you with more force than intended. Your arms buckled at the elbow and your forehead banged against the tempered glass of the window. Startled, I began to move to you when you shook your head like a prize fighter and pushed yourself back against him with all you had. I knew right then you were not hurt or even dazed. No strangers to rough sex ourselves, I’ve seen you take a far worse shot and never lose a stroke.

Your tanned and toned body glistened with sweat and your wild mane of hair flew in every direction as you continued to lead the powerful young cowboy toward the goal he couldn’t escape.

When his eyes glazed over I knew he was all but done for, his one shot at glory soon to be a shining memory, with a less than glowing finish.

You looked him in the eye and mouthed words that were never intended for my ears as you swiveled your hips and stepped away. His cock was spewing into mid air by the time he knew what was happening. He was powerless and I realized with sudden clarity, that was your plan all along.

“You can sleep here, walk, grab a cab or catch horse home Tex, just don’t be here when I wake up.” You flicked off the camera when you reached me, kissed me lightly on the lips and led me from the room.

“Thank you darling. Tex there is one seriously good fuck, but I need to come now and more than a few times, so take me to bed.”

As we walked down the dark hall towards the master suite the sun was beginning to lighten the morning sky. You looked more beautiful than the next day's promise. Your fantasy, perhaps, though I could never imagine a more meaningful gift the look in your eyes.

Opals_fire 53F
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1/27/2007 8:06 am

oh my!!!!!!!!

2meets2 58M/59F

1/27/2007 3:31 am

You tell a good story.

good luck to you.

the cunning linguist

B10ndebabetoo 47M/46F

12/23/2006 1:47 am

That says it all hun I totally agree with BB about your unselfish gift to your lady love. Now when do we get to hear about your 1 of #1-6?? hehehehhe

Hugz B10

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