The Decision to Go for It!  

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1/20/2006 4:37 pm

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The Decision to Go for It!

No Lace tonight. I'm on my own with this one.

Lace and I had been together for some time now and although we discussed bringing a third person into the relationship we had our reservations. Even though we were comfortable with each other and were deeply in love our relationship was still maturing. At times she would suggest it and I would decline, (I know hard to believe!) and other times the roles were reversed. But I suppose we both knew when the time would be right.
Lace had heard about AdultFriendFinder from a friend and I had come to know about it through surfing the web. We checked it out and decided to give it a shot. Me being the cautious one, suggested we sign up as a standard member. We could check things out for a while, make any mistakes using that profile, then sign up with our 'real' profile. No picture, just some thoughts about who we are and what we were after. Okay. So why isn't anyone checking us out? We learned a few things though so it was worth it.
Then one night I thought, "Lets see how this web cam works." The next thing you know I'm doing it on line! I'm camera shy to begin with! Then I look to see who's watching and all of a sudden I realize that this is not the audience I intended! Can't I block these guys? Then the messages! "Nice cock, dude!" Uh, thanks, I guess? Lace laughed herself silly when I told her about it the next day.
But sure enough she wanted to do it on line. Once again, not the audience I was hoping for. There was definately more of an audience though. Now here's something new I thought. Try and work the mouse, watch the monitor, read the messages and perform all at the same time! Then came the comments. I didn't realize so many guys wanted to be movie directors. Can't you just sit back and enjoy the show? But all in all it was fun! Another first for us! Kind of like doing it in public without the danger of getting caught.
So on to our new profile. The hardest part was the name. We needed something catchy! Something that would disclose who we were, what we wanted, and a name that would just make women desire us! ...Nothing! How about we just go with Steellace4u? Okay sounds good!

Steel-Okay now how about pictures?

Lace-No! I don't want anyone to know what we're doing!

Steel-Honey look! It says ten times the response rate for profiles with pictures! How about we just cut it off at the head and they can see the important stuff and we can pose so that we're not really showing anything.

Lace-Well, I don't know, I'm not too sure about this.

Steel-Come on honey. Lets just take some pictures, if we don't like them we wont put them on the profile.

Lace-Okay, I guess so.

Fast forward two weeks later:

Lace-Hey how about we put some more picture on our profile? I've got a couple of ideas!

To Be Continued...

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