Sexxx Crazy (Freaks)  

Stars12Dong 46M
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3/9/2006 11:00 am
Sexxx Crazy (Freaks)

I just had to share this with you guys .
I have a very good long time friend that owns a XXX Arcade in the DFW area and he would tell me so much shit that he has to deal with being the owner of that type of buisness . But one thing I will share today that we always get a real good laugh from is the women that call is store looking for BigDick BlackGuys to get with . He told me that most women will call to see if a BigDick guy was there that they could meet for nothing but Anal Sex . One woman would call at the same time every day for Anal sex which we would laugh about because he knew that she would be calling and exactly what she would say .
So one day I went by his store to pick him up so we could hang out for lunch and while I waited for him he asked me if I would answer the phones for him . Like a Fool I agreed . The first call was from a guy wanting to know if anyone answered his personal ad on the bulletin board (He has a Match Maker Personal Ad Board at his Store) I told him No , no prob . The next call I answered was from a woman looking for a Toy that was ordered for her , no prob . The next call was from a guy wanting to know if there was anyone there willing to recieve a BlowJob from his wife while he watched (Damn!) I told him there were plenty of guys here , come on down ! LMAO ! The next call was from a woman wanting a BigBlackDick to fucker her in the ass . She asked me with whom was she speaking to and would I help her out , I told her Yes (thinking that my friend had set up the call for a Joke on me) I told her to come here and that I would be waiting on her . After I said that she said Yessssss like she had just cum in her panties and said she'd be there right away to pick me up . I hung up ROFL knowing that my friend was trying to prank me . He and a co-worker came back to the front desk were he left me so we could leave for lunch . He asked who called ? I told him that just a lady looking to get ass fucked and that she was on her way haha ! He told me that she was No joke and that we better leave before she get there . I'll be Damned he was right, he was not joking . She was pulling up when we were leaving out . She was a very beautiful whitewoman, though my friend said that she was a crazy nut job and had chased guys at the store even after being told to stop .
I rarely go to his store and when I do or have its during the Day . I have seen some of the most prettiest women looking for sex there and alot of pervs as well . Now I'm a Freak in the Sheets but I don't Do XXXCrazy .

For more info visit your local XXX ArcadeStore for 1-2 hours , you'll be surprised by the type of people that visit the store .


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