~ weekends and wannabe doms  

StarRavenMist 62F
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12/11/2005 3:49 pm

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6/19/2006 1:17 pm

~ weekends and wannabe doms

…so what is it about weekends and wannabe doms??… would someone please explain this to me??…I mean seriously… weekends roll around …and it seems like these weird creepy creatures come out of the woodwork… I get email after email and IM after IM … naught only here… but on other mail sites as well from these losers… each one claiming to be the gods gift to all women kind… they dress up in leather and latex… some even ride their big bike instead of the little geo they normally drive during the rest of the week…oh yes… they go to the bdsm clubs and to the private scening parties… they talk big, loud and crude…demanding every female within ear shot give them the attention and respect they feel they are due… maybe they might have even read a John Norman fantasy book or two… so of course that makes them a real dominant…and when that so called “dominance” is questioned… you quickly beat on your chest with both fists like a whining wannabe tarzan of the concrete jungle… you claim loudly : “ but I am a dom… I have been in the lifestyle for many years… I dress the part when I go out on weekends… I go to the parties and clubs… I can tell a woman what to do without any respect to her…everyone at the clubs and parties knows I am a dom… they see my leathers and play crop I like to swat women with… I am a dom…” …oh please… ~laughs with tears in her eyes ~ … come on… get real… the only thing that proves... is that you are an even bigger ass than what you first seemed when you first approached me... for "if"... you were actually a real dominant… most females would know it without you saying a word about it… women … especially true submissive ones… are naught dumb brainless twits…if …you were a real dominant …you would naught need that preverbal cheap neon sign you love to point to when questioned … if… you only knew…how many women truly laugh themselves into silly tears whenever you get your wannabe tarzan-dom thing on when the weekends roll around… perhaps you would think twice before approaching someone that is real… and sees you for the real fool you obviously are…~laughs~ …the “wannabe tarzan-dom syndrome” … how funny….

bigdaddyhitcher 56M

12/18/2005 9:20 am

It must be hilarious to see. Funny thing about being a dominant male, I don't have to put on a show, because my dominance is not a lifestyle or costumes, it is not sex or roll playing. It is who I am. A dominant male does not need to show off like an ape-man, and he ALWAYS treats submissives with kindness, dignity and respect. True submission is as natural to a true submiisive as dominance is to a true dominant. Why waste time with pretense. If you are being real, you don't need to play Tarzan.

rm_xneedsy 69M
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12/22/2005 2:28 am

I am one of the fools that read a John Norman book.I find him to a very bad and repetitious writer,Yes there were so very erotic concepts in the philosophy,but alas most borrow from old cultures.
Well K. I am just a fan of your musings.

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