submissive men should beware of stiletto heels...  

StarRavenMist 62F
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10/22/2005 6:45 am

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6/19/2006 1:33 pm

submissive men should beware of stiletto heels...

...okay... i have to ask... why all the groin shots??...if you are who and what you state you are on your profile where is a facial shot??... who do all these cock shots really belong to??... is someone having a two for one groin sale up at macy's ?? every other picture on this site is nothing more than a groin shot... basically... it says quite simply that the man whom posted it is extremely submissive and considers his groin...naught his intelligence, personality nor his inner strength... but his groin... to be his best asset...for what other reason would a perfect stranger... send someone he has never been in contact with... nor spoken to before such a ridiculous pic??... so you have a cock... big deal... every man has one... it says nothing about you as a human being... other than by posting it you are telling everyone that you have nothing better to offer a woman either as a playmate and certainly naught as an actual mate in your life... when i get these pics i usually simply delete out the entire email without so much as reading it... quite honestly...submissive men do nothing for me... i have no interest in them whatsoever... so if you are sending me groin shots and we have never met... you are being more submissive than i am...which is bad considering i am innately submissive... you might be the greatest guy in the world...but i will never know that because when i see that groin shot i am busy slipping on my newest pair of stiletto heels so i can practice walking over your chest...and then i hit the delete button... the meantime ...perhaps AdultFriendFinder should create a special section of their site for "groins only " to spare those of us whom do possess some sort of intelligence and are able to communicate without the mundane-ness of the raw groin staring us in the face when we choose to glance at profiles...and yes ,there are plenty of women whom equally post crotch shots too... and they are no higher on the twit scale than those of the groin shot genre...don't get me wrong... i think the male body is exceedinly sensual and enjoy it very much... but there is much to be said about a man whom is confident and attains a greater inner strength and realizes it within his total maleness...naught just his groin... but i guess groin and crotch shots truly are a two for one deal here kinda like a blue light sale at the forgotten local k-mart... and if you shop there regularly... then you obviously can naught afford someone with class like myself in your life...therefore... i guess i will keep my stiletto heels at the ready... lol

rm_xneedsy 69M
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11/10/2005 12:53 pm

I totally agree,but maybe this is the body this people us for brains.Stilleto heels oooow,I will not be posting any groin photos in near the future,well did't have intention anyway.

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